Millions of children with disabilities are missing out on education. Like me, they deserve to fulfill their potential

Early on, I made a choice: to either accept unfairness or to advocate for our rights. As a person with disabilities, the challenges I have been faced with helped shape me — they have made me resilient, and most importantly prepared me to fight for the rights of others who are disadvantaged.

UK approves Pfizer-BioNtech coronavirus vaccine, rollout in days

The news of its approval comes as the UK entered a three-tier lockdown on Wednesday after lawmakers cleared the proposals in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening. It means most of England will remain under high or very high alert levels to curb coronavirus infection rates, with strict restrictions on mixing of households and […]

Facing Down the Death Squads of Nicaragua

As Bianca and Guevara-Rosas talked in Father Chepe’s office, “we suddenly heard shots and mortars outside,” Bianca told me. Guevara-Rosas remembers “the terrible thunder of gunfire was relentless.” The action was at the engineering university across the street from the UCA. It was under attack by the turbas. As Bianca watched from the street, crowds rushed […]

China fires back at Australia’s PM, doubles down on war crimes accusation

The doctored image was created by Wuheqilin, a self-styled Chinese “wolf warrior” artist, who came to prominence for his pro-Beijing illustrations during the Hong Kong protests last year. After the furious reaction from Australia, Zhao pinned the tweet to the top of his social media feed, so it is the first post people searching his […]

FAME Foundation launches Play it Dream it Book for IDP girls

READ ALSO: Stallion Empowerment Initiative launches scholarship for Warri students The minister said: “This book is one of the stepping stones towards greater heights in empowering women and girls in the society and it will be very useful for every girl in sports, serving as a point of support and encouragement.”

Hordes of Christmas shoppers queue outside Primark at MIDNIGHT as stores opened for 24 hours – while revellers in Tier Two areas enjoyed plenty of drinks (and ‘substantial meals’) on first night of freedom after lockdown

Boris Johnson has imposed strict lockdown tiers on 99 per cent of England, with 55million people banned from socialising with other people indoors until next year. Only Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly have been placed in Tier 1 despite infections falling in almost every corner of the country. 


Regarding the matters in Thu Thiem New Urban Area, she informed that the Government Inspectorate has issued conclusions of an inspection into the new urban area. HCMC People’s Council has already introduced a suitable resolution, along with the detailed direction from the municipal authorities. The tardiness in application is because of many reasons inlcuding the […]

UN: COVID-19 to worsen poverty in 47 poorest nations

“The least developed countries have deployed their limited means to counter the recession, but they find themselves the countries the worst hit by a crisis for which they are not responsible, similar to their situation vis-à-vis climate change,” said Kituyi. “This is an injustice which needs to be redressed.”

Explainer: China’s battle against poverty

Meanwhile, it has strived to reduce rural poverty with technological innovations that help boost agricultural production. In the past five years, China has focused on the technical bottleneck of the agricultural industry and promoted more than 50,000 new varieties and technologies to increase the quality and efficiency of this industry in poor areas.

The Arecibo Observatory Is More Than Just a Telescope

The damage is extensive. Judging from photographs alone, it may seem ridiculous to think of saving the observatory at this point—but it would be no more ridiculous than tearing it down. In the last several years, the University of Central Florida has been the NSF’s lead contractor to run the observatory. They have reinvigorated it […]