‘Fossil Free: Reimagining Clean Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World’ review: A green new deal

For critics of the NDA government who feel not much is happening on the economic reforms front, Sinha argues that over the last six years, rules on renewables have been rewritten in India, helping create a practical and achievable roadmap. But he does concede that though substantial progress has been made, reforms are long overdue […]

Amsterdam to Cape Town — travel around the world & walk in John Lennon’s footsteps

Today, visitors can tour the Masterworks Art Gallery where there is a sculpture dedicated to Lennon created by local artist Graham Foster.

Story of a language and its evolution

The first chapter, Beginnings, surveys the evidence and provides a historical linguistic overview of the language. This overview, as in other chapters, is in dialogue with the internal history of the language rich as it is in myth and legend. Shulman does not dismiss them, but rather treats them with great intellectual respect and sees […]

Now that Covid-19 vaccines are coming, what about poor countries?

The question doesn’t just tap into the debate between nationalists and multilateralists that polarizes many Western countries. It’s also a timeless ethical conundrum. In a famous dialogue by Plato, an Athenian macho named Callicles argues that justice is merely the law of nature — meaning, of the strong. In our pandemic context: Why wouldn’t politicians in […]

Who was 21 Savage’s brother Terrell Davis?

However, Savage’s success has been marred by threats of deportation proceedings since he was arrested by US immigration officials in February 2019.

German divers hand over Enigma encryption machine in Baltic

The breakthrough helped the Allies decipher crucial radio messages about German military operations. Historians estimate that it shortened the war by about two years. Only hubris led to the Nazi code being cracked: the insistence on signing some messages with “HH” (Heil Hitler) ultimately provided the weak spot that the code breakers were able to exploit.

Tom Ford’s three-bedroom former home in Chelsea with interiors custom designed by the fashion guru goes up for sale for £13.5million

‘It’s very discreet,’ he said, noting the exterior wall that protects the house from the road. ‘Once you’re behind the wall, no one can see in. But it’s still light and open.’

An insider’s guide to Bangalore: the chilled out Silicon Valley of India

The look on the street How green is your city? Bangalore was once known for how green it was, with parks in every neighbourhood. Cubbon Park and Lalbagh, both of which still dominate the city’s landscape, offer what urban planners call “lung space”. The city is still greener than most other metropolises in the country, […]

PM to inaugurate construction of first phase of Agra metro on December 7

Narendra Modi will inaugurate the construction of the first phase of the Agra Metro Rail Project (AMRP) virtually on December 7, a statement issued by the Uttar Pradesh government said on Saturday. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will also be present on the occasion, it said. According to officials, the total cost of the AMRP […]

Can women lead a tech boom in India?

Only about 8% to 10% of Indian entrepreneurs are women, according to a senior executive at India’s main tech industry body Nasscom. That’s far lower than the United States, where 39% of privately-held firms are owned by women, according to a report last year by American Express.