World Food Day: FAO DG seeks healthy, affordable diets

“One in three children is stunted and underweight is currently at 19.9 per cent, which is higher than the globally accepted numbers. Overweight and obesity in adults are on the rise and 48.5. per cent of women of reproductive age are anaemic.

World Hepatitis Day: Facts About Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis C HVC (hepatitis C virus) is responsible for the onset of this particular type. Direct contact with infected body fluids can result in hepatitis C infection. Hepatitis C transmission occurs through unsterilised needles. Using contaminated needles for injecting drugs, tattooing, body piercing or acupuncture, increases the risk of being affected by this type.

India Celebrated World Theatre Day

Theatre artists from across the world observed World Theatre Day on March 27th with great enthusiasm. In India too, the day was marked with a number of plays in all the metros and cities. To mark the day, a number of plays were shown at the Tagore Hall in Srinagar to keep the art form […]

World Milk Day: Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk: Which Is Healthier?

Regarded as a complete food, milk is comprised of various nutrients and minerals critical for your body. Being rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat milk benefits your body in various ways. From helping in maintaining your body weight to boosting your bone health, milk can, in fact, be termed as an all-rounder […]

Mahindra Electric Launches ‘MESMA 48’ EV Platform On World EV Day: Here Are All The Details!

The MESMA platform is also said to be a one-stop solution, offering all kinds of EV components. This includes drivetrain, battery pack, power electronics and electronic control units. The platform promises to deliver better acceleration than its ICE-powered counterparts. The MESMA 48 platform based EVs will also have a top speed of 8-km/h, making it […]

$4 Billion Transit Center Opening at World Trade Center Site

The hub is long overdue and over budget, with Calatrava’s plans first announced in 2004 and an estimated completion in 2009 at a price of $2 billion.  The final cost is roughly equal to the price tag of One World Trade Center, the 540-meter twisting tower that now anchors the site.

World Trade Center Mall Re-opens, Shows Progress Since 9/11

Shops from Apple to Forever 21 to H&M to John Varvatos will serve an increasingly diverse group of area residents and workers beyond Wall Street bankers that now includes a slew of advertising and media employees. But they’ll also be catering to tourists who come to visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, which […]

51 Fibre-Rich Foods Which May Help Lose Weight Easily

26. Brussel Sprouts Brussel sprouts are one of the healthy options for individuals undertaking weight loss sessions. This particular food contains a high amount of dietary fibre, folacin, calcium, potassium and vitamin A. The fibre content in brussel sprouts not only helps reduce body fat but also helps in lowering the cholesterol level.

US Lawmakers Seek Posthumous Medal of Honor for Black D-Day Medic

Hervieux spent years researching Woodson’s case for her 2015 book about the all-Black unit. “Forgotten: The Untold Story of D-Day’s Black Heroes, at Home and at War” gave greater visibility the campaign for recognition by Woodson’s widow, Joann Woodson.   

World’s wildlife populations have fallen by an average of 68% in four decades, World Wildlife Fund says

“We are destroying rainforests to convert the land to cropland to feed a growing planet and the growing demand for food, in general, and animal protein, in particular,” Shaw said. “In the process of deforestation and forest fragmentation for food production, we are opening up more and more tropical forests to the poaching of its […]