Why the World Health Organization’s Response to COVID-19 Is Crucial to the Future of Public Health

One of the reasons WHO’s funders aren’t willing to give it more flexibility is because they don’t trust it. Bureaucratic red tape has hampered its ability to respond nimbly to public health crises, and it has long been criticized for favoring the agendas of its more powerful donors. Following the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, WHO […]

Rick Scott: World Health Organization Helped China ‘Cover Up’ Coronavirus

The mission of the WHO is to get public health information to the world so every country can make the best decisions to keep their citizens safe. When it comes to Coronavirus, the WHO failed. They need to be held accountable for their role in promoting misinformation and helping Communist China cover up a global […]

World Health Organization Spends Twice As Much On Travel As On Medical Supplies

The Associated Press reported in 2017 that WHO “routinely has spent about $200 million a year on travel expenses, more than what it doles out to fight some of the biggest problems in public health, including AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.”

World Health Organization Says Global COVID-19 Infection Rate to Top 1 Mln in Coming Days

Used protective masks are seen in a bin at a laboratory where a fast test for coronavirus is performed, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Frankfurt, Germany, March 31, 2020Used protective masks are seen in a bin at a laboratory where a fast test for coronavirus is performed, as the spread […]

Ian Bremmer: World Health Organization ‘carrying a lot of water’ for China during coronavirus pandemic

“There is no question we’re going to restart the economy. But until we have a vaccine that works, people aren’t going to be comfortable getting on a middle seat and taking their kids to Disneyland,” Bremmer said. “They’re not going to feel comfortable [enough] to go into a sporting arena with 50,000 people to watch some […]

Coronavirus: World Health Organisation accused of ‘parroting Chinese propaganda’

“China took action massively at the epicentre, at the source of the outbreak – the shutdown of Wuhan – and that helped in preventing cases from being exported to other provinces in China and the rest of the world,” Dr Tedros said, noting that it had been described as “heroic”.

Do YOU need to wear a mask in the coronavirus pandemic? Health officials who previously urged healthy Americans NOT to wear protection due to shortages are now discussing if the public should wear them

‘As usual with ‘this’ General Motors, things just never seem to work out. They said they were going to give us 40,000 much needed Ventilators, ‘very quickly’. Now they are saying it will only be 6000, in late April, and they want top dollar,’ he blasted. 

WHO Director Says World Will Reach 1 Million Coronavirus Cases and 50,000 Deaths in the Next Few Days

Healthy individuals only need to wear a mask if taking care of a sick person. Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing. Masks are effective when used in combination with frequent hand cleaning. Do not touch the mask while wearing it. Clean hands if you touch the mask. Learn how to properly put […]

UN secretary general: recovery from the coronavirus crisis must lead to a better world

Far from flattening the curve of infection, we are still well behind it. The disease initially took 67 days to infect 100,000 people; soon, 100,000 people and more will be infected daily. Without concerted and courageous action, the number of new cases will almost certainly escalate into the millions, pushing health systems to breaking point, […]

Robots help combat COVID-19 in world, and maybe soon in India too

Stepping in where humans should not, robots are being used for jobs such as sanitising hospitals and delivering food and medicines in many parts of the world and perhaps soon in India where experiments are underway to increase their role in combating COVID-19. As health workers, researchers and governments struggle to contain the spread of […]