Global coronavirus report: WHO sees record daily rise in cases around world

US president Donald Trump held a Nevada campaign rally at an indoor venue on Sunday, despite public health professionals’ warnings against large indoor gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. People in the crowd were seated close together and many did not wear masks.Israel will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown starting on Friday after a second-wave surge […]

‘I literally weep’: anguish as New Zealand’s National Library culls 600,000 books

Although culling in libraries is common practice, it is the scale of this cull that is alarming book-lovers in New Zealand, with opponents of the move including some of New Zealand’s literary heavyweights, such as the former poet laureate Vincent O’Sullivan, and writer and former librarian Dame Fiona Kidman, who describes the cull as “cultural […]

Ardern’s promise to make Māori new year a public holiday is long overdue

Māori are acutely aware that the announcement ahead of October’s election smacks of dangling a carrot ahead of voting. And it will not be enough to distract Māori voters from the Labour-led government’s average record on Māori issues.

New Zealand faces another week of Covid restrictions as Ardern defends cautious approach

Milder rules for the rest of the country – where no community transmission has been recorded – will also remain in place until 21 September, when they will be jettisoned if case numbers remain contained, Ardern said. At present, social gatherings outside Auckland are limited to 100 people.

‘Deliberate, malicious’: stop spreading Covid misinformation, says New Zealand minister

“We just have to look at what is happening internationally where it has gotten out of control and deaths are a daily occurrence. We are very fortunate in New Zealand that because of efforts we’ve taken we’re not seeing that. What that means though is that some people are becoming more sceptical as time goes […]

New Zealand election TV debate: fears inclusion of fringe party may ‘legitimise conspiracy theories’

New Zealand’s speaker ordered Ross to remove another video in August because it contained footage from parliament, which cannot be used in political advertising without permission from those depicted. The clip took a government minister out of context to falsely claim Covid-19 vaccinations would be compulsory for all New Zealanders.

Like Christmas: New Zealand’s post-Covid books boom

Although stock delays of between four and six weeks have meant the shelves of many bookshops are emptier than usual – especially of the current international blockbuster reads – the upside has been a huge growth of interest in New Zealand literature – easily obtainable for local booksellers, and currently “flying off the shelves”, according […]

‘Could be a bit strange’: New Zealand bars to reopen but fun is kept at arm’s length

‘More like a lounge bar’ Down in Dunedin the capacity at the Craic bar in the Octagon has been slashed from 100 to a maximum of 40 people. A popular spot for dancing, manager Bruce Hoffman said he was expecting a quiet night with such reduced capacity and his staff would be policing the toilets […]

The Outer Worlds expansion Peril On Gorgon is out now

It looks very much like “more Outer Worlds”, basically, which may not be a radical expansion, but it’s no bad thing either. Alice of Bee’s The Outer Worlds review actually convinced me to play it for a few hours last year, on the grounds that a perfectly alright, a-bit-safe-but-good lighthearted shooty RPG time was just […]

When did the Twin Towers fall and what does the World Trade Center look like now?

11/09/01 7pm – President George W. Bush, who was in Florida at the time of the attacks, returned to the White House 11/09/01 9pm – Bush delivered a televised address from the Oval Office 11/09/01- Hundreds of emergency service workers and firefighters comb the scene to rescue those trapped in the debris 07/10/01 – Operation […]