Music beyond boundaries

Fifteen-year old Suchetha Satish has won the ‘100 Global Child Prodigy Award’ for her ‘Double World Records’ achieved for singing in most languages during a concert and for the longest live singing by a child, which were adjudicated by The World Record Academy, based in Miami, U.S. The Dubai-based Suchetha can sing in 130 languages. […]

An insider’s guide to Jodhpur: blue buildings and green energy

And the worst … The vast majority of Jodhpur buildings are constructed from chittar, a stone mined from the surrounding hills. But nowadays, construction companies are avoiding using materials from the local environment and indigenous practices – since they are more costly and labour intensive – and instead are creating concrete structures with glass facades, […]

The man who redefined digital age

Eight years after founding Apple, Mr. Jobs led the team that designed the Macintosh computer, a breakthrough in making personal computers easier to use. After a 12-year separation from the company, prompted by a bitter falling-out with his chief executive, John Sculley, he returned in 1997 to oversee the creation of one innovative digital device […]

S P Balasubrahmanyam’s TOP 25 Songs

If you factor in that those were the days when premarital promiscuousness was unknown to the Indian collective consciousness, you could argue songs like this may have inspired many to take the marital plunge, thereby conforming to cultural injunctions and helping keep the social order of the age.

Sugababes legend Mutya Buena slams fellow pop stars Kylie Minogue, JLo and more

She said: ”We’re working on new music and have a secret project that should be made public later this year. Plus we are working on something special for our fans that is coming out for our 20th anniversary. As well as the music we’ve planned a tour.

George Christy Exclusive: Actor Mickey Rooney, US Troops Honored

During the late ’30s, he was acclaimed as the biggest boxoffice star with his Andy Hardy films (fourteen in ten years!), singing and dancing with Judy Garland in glorious musicals (rent them!).  He served in the Army during World War II, battled addictions and bad investments.  When an angel appeared to him in a diner, […]

Zoella who? The UK TikTok creators your children are watching who earn up to £60,000 per post including one who shares a management team with Adele (and you’ve probably never heard their names)

With 7.5 million followers on the platform, he is a member of London’s prestigious Magic Circle, a select group limited to 300 members which is dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic and often host shows and events in the city. 

The 13 Best Gifts for Runners

Balega Silver Ion Socks You’ll never experience softer, more securely fitting training socks than Balega’s Silver Ion line. Unlike many runner’s socks, which tend to slide down and bunch up around the heel, the Balega Silver Ion Socks offer compressive arch support bands that keep them fitting snugly — there’s even a high heel tab […]