Hubble images reveal new aspect of mysterious dark matter in the universe

So, one of the ways astronomers can detect dark matter is through gravitational lensing, in which gravity essentially distorts space. This occurs when the gravity of dark matter in a galaxy cluster acts like a magnifying glass. It warps and magnifies the light of distant background galaxies beyond the cluster.

The world’s largest digital camera could unlock mysteries of the universe

Rubin, who died in 2016, once mentored fellow aspiring female astronomers and advocated for women in science. It’s fitting that the first national US observatory named for a female astronomer is in her honor. Rubin, considered to be one of the most influential female astronomers, provided some of the first evidence that dark matter — […]

The Outer Worlds expansion Peril On Gorgon is out now

It looks very much like “more Outer Worlds”, basically, which may not be a radical expansion, but it’s no bad thing either. Alice of Bee’s The Outer Worlds review actually convinced me to play it for a few hours last year, on the grounds that a perfectly alright, a-bit-safe-but-good lighthearted shooty RPG time was just […]

From Texan porch to Kigali court: a Rwandan dissident’s mystery journey

As the manager of a luxury hotel in Kigali during the worst of the violence in 1994, he had sheltered more than 1,200 people, saving them from murder by machete. His actions were portrayed in the critically acclaimed Hollywood film Hotel Rwanda, and won him the highest civilian honour in the US, awarded by the […]

Could unlocking the mystery of the mealworm’s gut help solve our plastic crisis?

When mealworms eat polystyrene — the material used in Styrofoam, and often found in packaging — they excrete half of it as carbon dioxide, and some as partially degraded particles, raising concerns they could add to the growing problem of microplastics — tiny pieces of plastic that can end up in the food chain. But […]

Rebecca FIRST LOOK: Lily James plays a newlywed dragged into her dashing husband’s mysterious past in trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of classic novel

Lily James and Armie Hammer look loved up as they portray… Dominic Cooper goes incognito in a beanie hat and shades as… Dominic Cooper nurses his bandaged hand as actor goes for a… Lily James shares a sweet childhood throwback snap at the…

Another mysterious radio burst in space is repeating a pattern. This one occurs every 157 days

That all changed earlier this year when astronomers found that FRB 180916.J0158+65 had a pattern in bursts occurring every 16.35 days. Over the course of four days, the signal would release a burst or two each hour. Then, it would go silent for another 12 days.

Mystery Group Claims Iran Nuclear Site Attack Amid String of Incidents

The incident at Natanz follows two other disruptive events to hit Iran in less than a week. A violent explosion at the Sina At’har health center in northern Tehran killed at least 19 people, first responders said. Last Friday, a massive fireball illuminated the night skies of Tehran after what authorities said was a gas […]

Book World: In ‘Not a Novel,’ Jenny Erpenbeck continues to evolve

“Not a Novel” cannot claim to be a coherent whole. Nevertheless, its pig-in-a-python ungainliness contributes to the fascination. Variety proves its own reward, since in every guise this artist makes virtuosic adjustments, changes of tone or rhetoric. A couple of essays salute Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” as an essential resource, “a living thing … that … meets […]

Mystery of ‘alien’ flashes deepens: Infrared images of Ceres suggest two bright spots on the dwarf planet have different origins

The glimmers of light are visible even when they are near the edge of Ceres, suggesting that they must be high above the surface rather than at the bottom of an impact crater, as previously believed.