The new black gold? Big Oil bets on retail networks in an electric era

LONDON: For Big Oil, coffee and chocolate could be the new black gold.Under pressure from investors and governments alike to cut emissions, major European oil companies are ploughing billions into renewable energy but are struggling to craft business plans that promise the returns shareholders have come to expect.Europe’s big oil firms, however, have another card […]

Black Sox veteran determined to win back World Cup place after Fastball success

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Sweet solution to the PPE shortages: Candy floss machines could be used to make medical-grade N95 face masks by spinning fibres out of waste plastic

They found that the three most common types of face masks – N95s, surgical masks and face masks – help lower reproduction (Rt) rates, meaning less people are being infected due to social distancing.

Lab-grown ‘chicken’ meat made without slaughtering any animals will go on sale in Singapore after gaining world-first regulatory approval

The team concluded that — if the demand for land for meat production could be drastically lowered — vegetation regrowth in these locations could help to sequester around 9–16 year’s worth of fossil fuel emissions by the middle of century.

Ice Hockey World Championship: Opposition to co-hosts Belarus grows

Ice hockey head accused in protester death Coming under particular focus is the role allegedly played by Dmitry Baskov, the head of the Belarusian ice hockey federation, in cracking down on the protest movement. He is accused of being involved with a masked gang that violently attacked the activist Raman Bandarenka last month. Bandarenka later […]

Nearly 100 world leaders to speak at UN session on Covid-19

Nearly 100 world leaders and several dozen ministers are slated to speak at the UN General Assembly’s special session starting Thursday on the response to Covid-19 and the best path to recovery from the pandemic which has claimed 1.5 million lives, shattered economies, and left tens of millions of people unemployed in countries rich and […]

STEPHEN GLOVER: A jab to beat the world… so this is what it’s like to run our own show!

There must be compromise on both sides. With the three main bones of contention that separate us — fishing, a so-called ‘level playing field’ in respect of state aid, and an acceptable mechanism for settling disputes — the EU is at the 11th hour still treating the UK as though it is not a fully […]

This company says it can make top-shelf whiskey in just a few days

Despite the awards, it’ll be a tall order for Bespoken to win over whiskey purists. “I cannot fault people for wanting to bring something new to the forefront of the drinking world,” whiskey critic John Dover wrote in a review of the product. “I do hold umbrage with the shortcut-takers of the world who view […]

‘Will not be bullied’: People around the world urged to buy Aussie wine in stand against China

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Inside the family-run Baltimore warehouse making the dry ice pellets key to keeping the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine cool

‘The nature of dry ice is, as soon as you make it, it starts to go away,’ he said. ‘What happens if a CVS or a Walgreens gets it, and 11 days have gone and their suitcase has run out of ice?’