Donald Trump vows to protect ‘statues and monuments’ saying ‘we’re not ashamed of our country’ on trip to swing state North Carolina and attacks Joe Biden as ‘not sharp’ as he honors WWII veterans

But one of Wilmington’s ships, the Virgnia Dare, named for the first white child born on American soil, was credited with taking down seven Luftwaffe planes when it was part of a convoy from Scotland to the Russian Arctic port of Archangelsk in 1943.

Don’t let China ‘walk over us’, Pompeo tells ASEAN

ASEAN, founded in 1967, has struggled to stay away from the escalating rivalry between Washington and Beijing. It has often asserted its centrality and regional leadership although some critics dismiss the group as a talk shop that is often vulnerable to the sway of world powers.

‘Tears in my eyes!’: Viewers sing along with rousing renditions of Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia at the Prom after BBC back down over lyrics’ ‘imperialist ties’

However, critics argue that the lyrics to Rule Britannia, including the line ‘Britons never, never, never shall be slaves’, are overtly racist given the UK’s prominent role in the slave trade – and also the implication that some people could be slaves.

Daily COVID-19 infections in US drop below 40,000 for the first time since June and deaths drop to 700 a day – as 25 states see cases decline in the last week

‘Just as those states are starting to level off and come down. We’re seeing surges in places like Montana, the Dakotas, Michigan… some areas are doing really well and others are threatening to have surges,’ he said.