Covid-19 vaccine update: Bahrain gives nod to Pfizer, India’s purchase will cover 60% population, Moscow begins mass vaccination

In India, Haryana health minister Anil Vij, who was administered the trial dose of the indigenous Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin last month, has tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday. Bharat Biotech, the developer of the vaccine, clarified that its efficacy can only be determined 14 days after the second dose.

Wildlife photographer of the year — people’s choice

As the weather grew colder, two Eurasian red squirrels (only one is clearly visible) found comfort and warmth in a box Neil had put up in one of the pine trees near his home in the Scottish Highlands. In the colder months, it’s common for the squirrels, even when unrelated, to share dreys. After discovering […]

India biggest buyer of COVID-19 vaccine with 1.6 bn doses, experts say this could cover 60 pc population

“Have these been paid for or at least committed to at a given price, are these acquisitions through the COVAX programme or independent of it, and most of all, of course, what is the delivery schedule agreed to in this acquisition, etc.” Rath also noted that it is difficult to predict how many will be […]

The World Heritage sites that are being ‘severely’ damaged by climate change

“Natural World Heritage sites are amongst the world’s most precious places, and we owe it to future generations to protect them,” IUCN Director-General Bruno Oberle said. “Climate change is wreaking (havoc) on natural World Heritage, from shrinking glaciers to coral bleaching to increasingly frequent and severe fires and droughts.”

In testing COVID times, India got record investment; world sees it as trustworthy partner: PM Modi

The prime minister said two years later, in 2022 India marks 75 years since Independence and urged the PanIIT movement to set an even higher benchmark for “giving back to India”. In his address at the summit organised by the PanIIT USA, Modi said, “I know that many of you mentor your juniors in choosing […]

Visualizing Bitcoin’s Amazingly Fast Spread Around The World

Because it allows for anonymity, much of its rise has been linked to illegal activities, such as on the shuttered drug marketplace Silk Road, and its value has been tied to speculators who ratchet up demand. But Bitcoin is also starting to be accepted as a mainstream form of payment for U.S.-centric sites like OkCupid […]

Global report: Moscow relaxes lockdown despite high caseload; Nigerian deaths rise

Afghanistan’s deputy health minister, meanwhile, said the country’s actual number of infections was higher than the official figure as 542 new cases were reported on Tuesday. Fifteen more patients died overnight, meaning the country’s Covid-19 death toll stands at 384.

ADB approves loans worth 70 million USD for Cambodia’s agriculture

Phnom Penh (VNA) – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a 70 million USD in loan to improve the capacity of agribusinesses in six provinces across Cambodia to process key agricultural products. In a press release, the lender said that the Agricultural Value Chain Competitiveness and Safety Enhancement Project aims to benefit about 230 […]

The world’s biggest pension fund is crowdsourcing advice on how to deal with low rates

As part of a search for yield to support the nation’s rapidly aging population, the GPIF this March raised its portfolio allocation of foreign bonds by 10 percentage points — just as global yields plunged to join Japan’s almost-perpetually low-returning debt.

Joe Biden officially secures enough electors to become president

The Democratic-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate would both vote separately to resolve any disputes. One already has arisen from Pennsylvania, where 75 Republican lawmakers signed a statement on Friday urging Congress to block the state’s electoral votes from being cast for Biden. But the state’s Republican U.S. senator, Pat Toomey, said soon afterward that he […]