UK gender gap continues to widen, says World Economic Forum report

While the UK failed to make the top 20 in any of the report’s four categories – economy, education, health and politics – the drop in its overall rating this year was chiefly attributable to a significantly lower score in “economic participation”, which measures attributes such as the ratios of women in the workforce, wage […]

China’s toxic lackey: Once a Mugabe apologist, this week he boasted of his friendship with Lady Gaga. The head of the WHO stands accused of putting lives at risk by parroting China’s lies and failing to expose it’s cover-ups, writes IAN BIRRELL

Tory MP Bob Seely, a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, says: ‘We are seeing the horrible damage that a pandemic can do while the WHO has soft-pedalled on China. If we want to protect the world against future pandemics, for the sake of everyone of the planet it is vital that we have […]

Bryant heads 2020 Hall of Fame honorees

“Those qualities helped Kobe lead us to five titles — and have now brought him to the Hall of Fame, where he will be enshrined with the greatest to have ever played the game,” Buss said.

How life for women in Britain is getting tougher

Curiously, this hierarchy of inequality seems only to afflict women’s issues – rarely do we see the argument, for example, that, since crime rates are higher elsewhere, the police should sit back and stop worrying too much about tackling law-breakers. The idea is that women should be grateful for what they’ve got and not get […]

Where are the west’s female leaders?

It’s commonly perceived that the western world is at the forefront of the campaign for women’s rights. State bodies such as the British Department for International Development, organisations such as the Cherie Blair Foundation and celebrities such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie all invest in women’s empowerment in the developing world, which is often seen […]

Mormons unveil new official logo at crowd-less conference

Church leaders gave their speeches from inside a small auditorium in Salt Lake City with fewer than 10 people in the room. Normally, top leaders sit side-by-side on stage with the religion’s well-known choir behind them and about 20,000 people attending each of the five sessions over two days in a cavernous conference center. There […]

Budget 2019: Focus to attract foreign students to improve India’s position as a higher education destination

Mumbai | Kolkata: The government’s focus on improving rankings of top Indian institutions and the initiative to attract foreign students to India will help improve the perception about the country as a destination for higher education, said education experts. Initiatives such as these where the finance ministry steps in, commits resources and bridges ministries makes […]

U.S. Army rolls into Seattle with field hospital built for combat

INFECTION RISK For Lieutenant Colonel Jason Hughes, the 10th Field Hospital commander, the mechanics of getting the hospital up and running are, frankly, a lot less stressful than some of overseas missions in the past — including working in remote places in Africa or deploying to Haiti.

Coronavirus update: Americans told to brace for their ‘Pearl Harbor moment’, Abu Bakar Bashir wants jail release

Monday’s key stories:Americans told to prepare for their ‘Pearl Harbor moment’ as the death toll climbsAlleged Bali bombings mastermind to apply for coronavius-related release from prisonJacinda Ardern calls on Australia to support New Zealanders out of work due to pandemicPope Francis celebrates Palm Sunday mass without the publicElton John launches fund for HIV/AIDS amid coronavirusAmericans […]

COVID-19: We had the warning but we lacked the leadership

The result was a tragic failure — alas, one that colleagues and I predicted a year ago. In March 2019, we, having spent years in the public service of the American people, sounded the tocsin that declines in the capability of the U.S. federal workforce had put our government — and thus our nation and […]