Michael Jordan’s Shoes Auctioned Off For Record-Breaking $615,000

The shoes also have a story — a shard of glass is embedded in the left one. The result of a backboard-shattering Jordan slam dunk.

BITTER SIDE OF LOVE: Killings among couples soar in Nigeria

A farmer, John Ogunji, 45, was also arrested by the Police in Ondo  for allegedly killing  his wife, Christiana Ogunji, in Okitipupa area of the state, during  an argument over sharing of a bag of garri (cassava flour). Problem started, after the farmer suggested  that the  bag of garri be shared equally between them.

Lebanon denies claims bodyguard of top politician fired live rounds at protesters as fury over explosion that killed 160 threatens to spark a revolution

The mandate system was supposed to differ from colonialism, with the governing country intended to act as a trustee until the inhabitants were considered eligible for self-government. At that point, the mandate would terminate and an independent state would be born.   

More than half of Beirut’s healthcare facilities are ‘non-functional’ after blast that killed 171, WHO reveals as CCTV shows the moment the explosion destroyed a city hospital

The presidency said in a statement on Wednesday that as soon as Aoun received the state security report on the ammonium nitrate on July 20, the president’s military consultant instructed the secretary general of the Supreme Defence Council to ‘do the necessary’.

Church bells ring out and mosque loudspeakers announce call to prayer as shattered city of Beirut marks exactly a week since explosion ripped through the city killing 171 people

The ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizers and explosives, originated from a cargo ship called MV Rhosus that had been traveling from the country of Georgia to Mozambique in 2013. It made an unscheduled detour to Beirut as the Russian shipowner was struggling with debts and hoped to earn some extra cash in Lebanon. […]

Boris Johnson Sets Out COVID-19 Road Map With Bars Opening Within Two Months

Those who can’t work from home “should be actively encouraged to go to work” but public transport should be avoided if possible Sunbathing and unlimited exercise allowed from Wednesday It will “soon be time” to impose quarantine on those entering the U.K. Some non-core shops could be allowed to open from June Schools opened in […]

A cleaning expert explains the best way to clean cloth face masks after you wear them

Coffee filters: Disposable paper products are not washable, so replace them after each use. HVAC filters: While they are washable, manufacturers warn that they’re intended for single use. If you decide to sew the filters between cotton fabrics, wash in the same way as mentioned above, but keep in mind that the effectiveness will decrease […]

ED questions Sushant’s former staff members

The agency scrutinises the late actor’s finances, income, expenditure and account-linked payments in its money-laundering investigation. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday recorded the statements of three former staff members/acquaintances of Sushant Singh Rajput to gather details related to the late Bollywood actor’s finances, including income and expenditure. The ED is investigating the money-laundering aspects […]

Downing Street Reportedly Pressured to Fast-Track Quarantine for Returnees from France

“I can’t guarantee to you that if you go to country X today with one set of rules in place, then the same rules will still be in place when you’re due to come back from that country.” Scotland’s Justice Minister Humza Yousaf responded to questions regarding the alleged pressure to move the quarantine deadline […]

Secret Service sought tactical aircraft to protect White House amid Floyd demonstrations

The weekend came to a violent and dramatic end on the night of June 1 with an unprecedented use of force led by U.S. Park Police. The federal officers, with the help of the Secret Service and Virginia police officers, fired chemical gas and rubber munitions at a crowd of peaceful protesters to drive them […]