India Celebrated World Theatre Day

“As you all know that because of militancy prevailing in Kashmir for the past 18 years, theatre was most affected. But gradually some amateur theatres tried to revive it and are keeping the theatre culture alive. I am happy that from the past few years some theatre groups from outside have been coming to Srinagar […]

World Hepatitis Day: Facts About Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis A It is caused by a virus, hepatitis A virus or HAV. The virus mostly spreads through contaminated food or water. This is the most common form of hepatitis. This disease is highly transmissible through the faecal-oral route. The symptoms include fatigue, mild fever, body pain, joint ache and jaundice. Though most of the […]

World Milk Day: Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk: Which Is Healthier?

Regarded as a complete food, milk is comprised of various nutrients and minerals critical for your body. Being rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat milk benefits your body in various ways. From helping in maintaining your body weight to boosting your bone health, milk can, in fact, be termed as an all-rounder […]

Mahindra Electric Launches ‘MESMA 48’ EV Platform On World EV Day: Here Are All The Details!

The MESMA platform is also said to be a one-stop solution, offering all kinds of EV components. This includes drivetrain, battery pack, power electronics and electronic control units. The platform promises to deliver better acceleration than its ICE-powered counterparts. The MESMA 48 platform based EVs will also have a top speed of 8-km/h, making it […]

World Food Day: FAO DG seeks healthy, affordable diets

“One in three children is stunted and underweight is currently at 19.9 per cent, which is higher than the globally accepted numbers. Overweight and obesity in adults are on the rise and 48.5. per cent of women of reproductive age are anaemic.

Mahindra Electric launches MESMA 48 platform for light EVs

Mahindra Electric Mobility on Wednesday, the World EV Day, has announced the global launch of its MESMA 48 platform for light electric vehicles.The Mahindra Electric Scalable Modular Architecture (MESMA) 48 platform is capable of offering competitive quality and is cost-effective. The EV wing of the Mahindra Group also claims that this platform is one of […]

ETAuto Originals: Why won’t India embrace electric vehicles now?

We are almost a decade away from the electric vehicle revolution and it’s a nightmare to drive an electric car in India now. The vehicle I had was an SUV, which ideally has the most preferred shapes in the country. But it delivers fewer kilometres to every charge on its bulky weight; thus restricting travel […]

EESL’s EVs reduce air pollution, mitigate 5,604 tonne of CO2 emissions

Energy Efficiency Service Ltd (EESL) on Wednesday said the electric vehicles deployed by the company have helped reduce air pollution and mitigate 5,604 tonne of CO2 emissions. EESL is combating air pollution in the nation by driving India’s e-mobility transition. In line with the #iCommit initiative launched by Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister […]

Hepatitis A: Causes & Preventive Measures

Causes Of Hepatitis A Some of the possible causes for the transmission of this virus are eating food handled by someone with the virus and not maintaining a proper hygiene, drinking contaminated water, eating raw shellfish from the water polluted by sewage, being in close contact with a person who has been infected, having sex […]

Why won’t India embrace electric vehicles now?

New Delhi: There’s a persona in driving electrically-charged vehicles. Not just for the sake of a cleaner environment, but the sheer acceleration and the sporty performance. This makes it thrilling in a machine that behaves like a tamed animal on the highway resonating as the future of mobility.We are almost a decade away from the […]