Exclusive: Vaccine group says 76 rich countries now committed to ‘COVAX’ access plan

COVAX is co-led by GAVI, the WHO and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and is designed to discourage national governments from hoarding COVID-19 vaccines and to focus on first vaccinating the most high-risk people in every country.

Coronavirus: BBC poll shows stark divide between rich and poor countries

‘It’s unfair to blame young people for virus rise’ Young hit hardest by lockdown financial squeeze Gen Z respondents suffered the worst financial hit, with 63% saying they saw a change to their incomes. Conversely, only 42% of Baby Boomers said their incomes were affected.

Wealth Report: London, Not New York, Is World’s Greatest City

In purely economic and political terms, New York still has the edge but it is London that boasts the greatest number of resident Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (The UHNWI club has a minimum entry requirement of $30 million), and scores best when the views of the world’s richest are analyzed. Abishek Lodha, the managing […]

Less than 20% of people in England self-isolate fully, Sage says

Regular surveys have been carried out to find out how many people are complying with the self-isolation rules but the government has not published them since May. At that time, 20% were not fully complying. Some would not stay home at all, while others might base themselves at home but go out to the shops […]

All surrogacy is exploitation – the world should follow Sweden’s ban

The Swedish inquiry refutes this argument. There is no proof, says the inquiry, that legalising “altruistic” surrogacy would do away with the commercial industry. International experience shows the opposite – citizens of countries such as the US or Britain, where the practice of surrogacy is widespread, tend to dominate among foreign buyers in India and […]

Child poverty up in more than half of developed world since 2008

A report by Unicef says the number of children entering poverty during the recession is 2.6 million greater than the number who have been lifted out of it. “The longer these children remain trapped in the cycle of poverty, the harder it will be for them to escape,” it says in Children of Recession: the […]

‘I feel empty in my heart’: Landslide at Myanmar jade mine kills at least 113 people

More from Myanmar Jamal Khashoggi’s suspected killers and Sergei Magnitsky included on new UK sanctions list Myanmar forces ‘committed war crimes against Rohingya’, says independent report Myanmar accused of genocide against Rohingya Muslims Rohingya crisis: UN chief warns refugees must be repatriated to Myanmar safely Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar fails as no one turns up […]

World Milk Day: Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk: Which Is Healthier?

Side Effects Of Buffalo Milk It has a high-fat content. Over-consumption can cause sudden weight gain. Aged people should avoid consuming buffalo milk as it has more absorbable calcium, in comparison to other milk types. Over-consumption may cause diabetes. Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk: The Healthier Option Buffalo milk has a higher fat content than […]

World’s 10 richest tech giants shed $44 billion wealth, Jeff Bezos tops list with $9 billion loss

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg lost $4.2 billion, while Microsoft Founder Bill Gates’ wealth lowered by $2.9 billion. Other on the list include Steve Ballmer who lost $4.8 billion, Larry Page lost $3.6 billion, Sergey Brin lost $3.5 billion,  MacKenzie Scott lost $3.2 billion, Larry Ellison lost $2.4 billion, and Jack Ma lost $1.6 billion.

51 Fibre-Rich Foods Which May Help Lose Weight Easily

38. Lima Beans If you wish to reduce your weight quickly, consume lima beans as part of a regular diet. Lima beans are enriched with fibre and serve as the natural source for reducing weight, enhancing proper digestion and regulating the blood sugar level. The fibre content in lima beans also improves body metabolism and […]