World’s 10 richest tech giants shed $44 billion wealth, Jeff Bezos tops list with $9 billion loss

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg lost $4.2 billion, while Microsoft Founder Bill Gates’ wealth lowered by $2.9 billion. Other on the list include Steve Ballmer who lost $4.8 billion, Larry Page lost $3.6 billion, Sergey Brin lost $3.5 billion,  MacKenzie Scott lost $3.2 billion, Larry Ellison lost $2.4 billion, and Jack Ma lost $1.6 billion.

Exclusive: Vaccine group says 76 rich countries now committed to ‘COVAX’ access plan

Seth Berkley, chief executive of the GAVI vaccines alliance, said the coordinated plan, known as COVAX, now has Japan, Germany, Norway and more than 70 other nations signed up, agreeing in principle to procure COVID-19 vaccines through the facility for their populations.

Coronavirus: BBC poll shows stark divide between rich and poor countries

A visual guide to the economic impact of the pandemic How are other economies dealing with the downturn? How the financial shockwave is affecting jobs and money The research was conducted for the BBC World Service in 27 countries by GlobeScan in June 2020, the height of the pandemic in many places.

Child poverty up in more than half of developed world since 2008

A report by Unicef says the number of children entering poverty during the recession is 2.6 million greater than the number who have been lifted out of it. “The longer these children remain trapped in the cycle of poverty, the harder it will be for them to escape,” it says in Children of Recession: the […]

World Milk Day: Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk: Which Is Healthier?

Side Effects Of Cow Milk Over-consumption can result in your bones loosing its calcium content [8] . Increased risk of developing prostate and ovarian cancer. The lactose in it can cause nausea, cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhoea. An increased prevalence of acne [9] . Over-consumption can cause weight gain. Health Benefits Of Buffalo Milk 1. […]

51 Fibre-Rich Foods Which May Help Lose Weight Easily

45. Pumpkin Seeds Like pumpkin, the pumpkin seeds are also beneficial in promoting weight loss. Pumpkin seeds contain high amounts of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. Having the seeds can help you shed those extra kilos and get the desired shape. It also controls the blood sugar level in the body.

PIERS MORGAN: My sincere, heartfelt 10-point tribute to the Kardashians – a bunch of talentless narcissistic brain-dead bimbos whose absurd antics have shown the world how NOT to behave

I’ve only met Kris Jenner once, but that was enough to understand that beneath the steely-eyed, botox-frozen smirk lies an even colder heart and ruthless scheming brain. One of the very few times her daughter Kim has ever expressed regret for anything came after she got her kit off for an adult magazine. ‘I’m sorry […]

World First Aid Day 2020: Common Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Be Used In A First Aid Box

Ayurveda is the science of a better you both mentally and physically. I believe that the best first aid would be the one which makes you stronger in the first place itself. But adapting to the strong healing science of Ayurveda, I will be suggesting a list of Ayurvedic remedies that can be incorporated in […]

World First Aid Day 2020: Common First Aid Mistakes To Avoid

11. Don’t apply cosmetic cream or ointments over wounds Avoid applying cosmetic creams or ointments over open or burnt wounds as they may cause severe infections due to the ingredients present in them. Also, these creams can form a layer on the wounds and prevent the healing.

New York Times Lists White People as Examples of Diversity in US Elites

“According to the NYT, some European-Americans are non-White,” tweeted University of Chicago sociology professor Rene D. Flores. “In their analysis of the most powerful people in the U.S. today, the paper classifies Europeans from the Iberian Peninsula like Spaniards and Portuguese as non-White.” — René D. Flores (@rd_flowers) September 10, 2020