Join us in being as evil as possible in The Outer Worlds

We hope you’ll join us for this first episode of our The Outer Worlds evil playthrough, and that you’ll help guide us on the path to wrongness in the comments. You can click on the video above to set a reminder. We’re unofficially calling this series ‘The Bastard Run’, but are holding back from committing […]

Bodies of second world war sailors in Java sea ‘dumped in mass grave’

The wrecks are regarded as treasure troves by the salvagers and it is thought that up to 40 second world war-era vessels in the Java sea have already been partially or completely destroyed. Even poor quality steel can bring in about £1m ($1.3m) a ship, according to estimates cited by the Guardian in a special […]

British coins set to feature black and ethnic minority figures for first time

Those under consideration include the first Indian and Gurkha soldiers who received the Victoria Cross, British-Jamaican Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole, and Noor Inayat Khan, a World War II agent and one of only four women to have received the George Cross, Treasury minister John Glen told The Sunday Telegraph.

Check your sofa… £120MILLION worth of old pound coins are still missing – almost three years after they stopped being legal tender

The new £1 coin is described by the Mint as the most ‘secure in the world’ and has a string of anti-counterfeiting details, including a hologram, and micro-sized lettering inside both rims.

Black and ethnic minority people could feature on British money for first time under plan for coins featuring historical figures including Gurkha heroes and wartime nurse

Currently on Britain’s new polymer bank notes, Second World War Prime Minister Winston Churchill features on the £5 note (pictured), novelist Jane Austen was chosen to appear on the plastic £10 note after a campaign and artist JMW Turner features on the £20 notes

Change You Can Believe In: US Mint Urges Public to Spend Coins in Bid to End Shortages

The Mint has been closed to the public for months amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, and in an effort to minimize contact and due to fear of spreading the virus using physical currency, more people in the United States have been using credit cards and other cashless payment options, which has caused a shortage of […]

Rishi Sunak considers ethnic minority figures on UK coins

“We propose a specific next theme of service to the nation by black, Asian, and other ethnic minority people, both in military conflict and on the home front,” says Zehra Zaida, an Indian-origin Conservative Party candidate behind the campaign, in a letter to Sunak.

Apple Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company, Outstrips Saudi Aramco

However, in the smartphone market, Apple is still behind Huawei, according to recent analysis by market researcher Canalys. In the second quarter of 2020, the Chinese manufacturer overtook all of its competitors, including Apple and Samsung, to become the world’s largest shipper of smartphones worldwide.

How Jack Charlton went from working down the mines as a teen to England World Cup hero & falling asleep meeting the Pope

“He’d come out to events and meet with fundraisers and people were always so thrilled to meet a World Cup winner. He had such a way about him. He’d just make us all smile.”