A World War II veteran will get his final wish to have Juicy Fruit-themed casket

Oakey received a contact to the company’s president from a community member and within a few days he received a call from the vice president granting permission to use the logo. The company’s president also reached out a week later saying he would not only be proud to have the Juicy Fruit logo on casket, […]

America’s oldest World War II veteran celebrates his 111th birthday

“It is such an honor to have the oldest living US veteran of World War II living so close to our institution, and it was meaningful for us to continue to celebrate Lawrence Brooks and his incredible life in a safe manner this year,” said Amber Mitchell, assistant director of public engagement in a news […]

America’s Oldest World War II Veteran Receives Flyover for 111th Birthday

Happy 111th Birthday to Mr. Lawrence Brooks of New Orleans, LA! While we weren’t able to have our usual birthday party at the Museum this year, we were able to host a socially distanced celebration that he could view safely from his porch. pic.twitter.com/DyzyWc0oCw

UK box office report, Jan 17-19: 1917 will set record as UK cinema’s biggest grossing First World War film

Declining just 16 per cent from its opening session, 1917 has delivered second-weekend box office of £6.19m, bringing the total after 10 days to a hefty £18.4m. That’s very close to the entire UK cinema run of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse (£18.7m). 

World War II Code-Breaking Site Bletchley Park to Become School for Hackers

“Just as technology presents huge opportunities for our economy–so to it poses a risk,” Hammond said in a speech last month at an event in London. “Trust in the internet and the infrastructure on which it relies is fundamental to our economic future. Because without that trust in, faith in the whole digital edifice will […]

Meet the Female Soviet Spy Who Could Have Killed Hitler and Prevented the Second World War

China, England, GDR Writing Career Born in 1907 in Schöneberg, German Empire, Ursula Kuczynski’s father was an economist and her mother a painter. When she turned nineteen. Ursula joined the Communist party of Germany and, in 1929, she married Rudolph Hamburger, an architect and a communist. The couple relocated to Shanghai in 1930, where Ursula […]

Wreckage of German World War II battleship found off Norway

Statnett said the warship was first detected in 2017 only 50 feet away from an underwater power cable that connects Norway and Denmark. The grid operator said it never would have laid the cable in that location in 1977 if it had known of the wreckage, Reuters reported.

Lawmakers push to award posthumous Medal of Honor to Black World War II medic

President Bill Clinton awarded the Medal of Honor to seven Black soldiers in 1997. They were the first Black World War II soldiers to receive the honor. Woodson was on the shortlist to be honored then, according to the release, but was not selected because of the lack of documentation.

How the Warsaw Ghetto beat back typhus during World War II

Nearly 450,000 Jewish residents were packed into the 3.4 kilometers of the Warsaw Ghetto and rationed a meager 200 calories per day, with little soap and water to keep clean. “With poor conditions, rampant starvation and a population density 5 to 10 times higher than any city in the world today, the Warsaw Ghetto presented […]

End of an empire: American veteran’s unearthed scrapbook reveals secret photographs of a Japanese officer handing over his sword during World War II surrender ceremony

Dave Reyes first stumbled across the black-and-white images in a scrapbook when he was seven years old and his father Filbert Reyes, who was a U.S. Navy sailor on a destroyer that was part of the U.S.S. Missouri battleship group, revealed how he took the snaps despite a ban.