Fact check: False Hitler quote on “World War 3”

Some social media users have been sharing a quote misattributed to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler with his alleged view on the start of “World War 3”. The posts claim that Hitler considered America’s Black citizens the “true Hebrews” and further claim that Hitler’s death would prompt a new global conflict. This is inaccurate.

Eric Lomax obituary

Despite their suffering, Lomax and fellow prisoners managed to build a radio to try to keep in touch with the progress of the war. They also drew up a map of their area of confinement with a view to escape. But in August 1943 they were caught; 10 men were arrested, severely beaten (two died) and moved to […]

Bunker: Building for the End Times by Bradley Garrett review – the new doom boom

At least not most states. In Switzerland, Garrett informs us, there is bunker space for 8.6 million people. And North Korea “is the most bunkered society in the history of the Earth”. But in the UK and the US, during the cold war, government preparation for a nuclear Armageddon was limited to taking care of […]

The Zookeeper’s Wife review – Jessica Chastain drama is wildly inconsistent

The opening scenes are a giddy swirl of Antonina’s kindness. She rides her bike through the Warsaw zoo, feeding apples to hippopotamuses, a small camel trotting with her. But by the time she’s giving CPR to a baby elephant as the mama elephant trumpets with worry, it begins to feel like a Monty Python sketch. […]

My mother was Emperor Hirohito’s poster child

I’m sitting next to my grandmother looking through family photograph albums (a favourite pastime since I was tiny) when I find this picture. I haven’t seen it before and wonder why it’s not in a frame on the wall. It’s such a great family photo. I ask my grandmother, who is on the right in […]

Richard Matheson obituary

In his account of horror writing, Danse Macabre (1981), King gives many pages to this short novel, which he thought redolent of its A-bomb era. He quotes Matheson as telling him the novel was partly inspired by watching a comedy film in which Ray Milland, leaving a flat in huff, accidentally puts on Aldo Ray’s […]

Shetland book returned 37 years late to library in Suffolk

“Periodically we do have really old books brought back and it always gives us a bit of a giggle to think these have been on the shelves for so long.

Hidden Hand review – China’s true global ambitions exposed

China, we know, has very different definitions of terrorism, human rights, security and even multilateralism to those accepted internationally. The book spells them out and shows how intent the party is on winning international acceptance for them as vital buttresses to its power. Acts of terrorism include not eating pork or speaking out against one-party […]

Seamus Heaney’s words heal wounds reopened on Ireland’s border

This weekend, however, Northern Ireland is able to celebrate one anniversary that transcends borders and unites political foes. It would have been Seamus Heaney’s 80th birthday. “It’s a time for celebration of the man – of everything in his life and work,” said Glenn Patterson, the novelist. “Seamus was endlessly inquiring and endlessly engaged. His […]

Billionaire wanted: Britain’s second most expensive home hits market for £185m and the seller wants single buyer for entire John Nash-designed 1822 Regent’s Park terrace

Stephen Lindsay, head of Savills St John’s Wood, added: ‘Working on this historic terrace to reinstate its prime residential use, in accordance with the original architectural vision for the park and with the support of the Crown as freeholder, has been a very rewarding experience’