The moon landing still offers hope in a world ruled by tiny minds

‘I am very grateful that this wonderful event should happen in my lifetime. I was precisely 11 years, 0 months, 1 day old,” I wrote diligently in my moon scrapbook. I was obsessed with the moon landings, to put it mildly, collecting every newspaper clipping. I wrote “Man on the moon” on every surface. Scratching […]

Attica Locke: why did my black ancestors never leave Texas? They knew land is power

My second novel, The Cutting Season, begins with the discovery of the body of a young woman, left on the wrong side of a property line. She is a migrant worker, hired by a big agriculture firm to work in the sugarcane fields that abut the Belle Vie plantation. The plantation is based on a […]

How to use yoga to engage kids during remote learning

You don’t have to be a yoga expert to teach students yoga basics. However, if you feel uncomfortable or just want some guidance, there are many books and videos about instructing yoga to children. You can even play yoga videos for kids so everyone can participate together. Make sure the resource is from a KRI […]

How a mysterious man fooled a Harvard scholar into believing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ was real

Why withhold evidence from colleagues if you believe it’s authentic? Did she know it was fake and thought the ends justify the means? Was she willing to use a fake sensation to whet the public’s appetite for this other interesting object (the Gnostic gospels)? To use a forgery to point to the truth?

The women behind one of Gucci’s most-liked Insta posts

In occasion of the #PhotoVogueFestival held in November 2019, @guccibeauty and @vogueitalia launched an Instagram scouting project. As a result, photographer @davidpdhyde captures Ellie @elliejg16_zebedeemodel and Kadri Vahersalu @kadri_vahersalu for a special editorial featuring the buildable Gucci Mascara L’Obscur. The portfolio is inspired by Creative Director @alessandro_michele’s words: “I designed L’Obscur mascara for an authentic […]

Sally Clarkson: Has COVID made you an ‘accidental homeschooler’? – I’ve been one. And my kids are thriving

Our oldest, Sarah, earned a Master’s degree at Oxford University and is the author of five books and mom of two children. Our son Joel graduated from Berklee School of Music and is completing his Ph.D. at the University of St. Andrews. Nathan is a performing actor, screenwriter, film producer and author. Joy, the youngest, […]

Bauhaus at 100: what it means to me by Norman Foster, Margaret Howell and others

The centenary is now, but which Bauhaus are you celebrating? As Eric Hobsbawm said, we need a protest against forgetting. It’s important to celebrate its achievements, but it’s also important, as the writer Alice Rawsthorn points out in her extraordinary Instagram account, to paint a truer picture of the Bauhaus within the brutal and tragic […]

The hoaxer who breaks women’s hearts

But he was no good at sticking to plans. When they arranged to meet for the first time in a Soho pub, he was kept late at his school and had to cancel. Then he made a mess of the rearranged date, going out to play football and ending up in bed with a torn […]

Professor: What I’ve learned about online teaching

Yet something is lost on Zoom. There are subtleties in the classroom, as the coughs and shifting of students in their seats, the stray quizzical or bored looks, all provide information to the teacher. Am I getting through? You just can’t really get this information on Zoom, where the dynamics of teaching are flattened. Still, […]

Laura Marling: ‘I was in danger of being bored of myself’

Recently, the songwriter looked back at her emergence in London’s nu-folk scene at the age of 16 – at how men would advise her to “lose the guitar” and become a traditional frontwoman, or how early press coverage defined her in terms of her relationships with Marcus Mumford and Charlie Fink from Noah and the […]