Sokoto youths, students say Wamako uplifting constituents

“Instructively, we are all gathered here, today and at this great hour to seize the opportunity provided by this historic day to extol the excellent, tangible and indelible achievements of an astute Democrat, a Patriot par excellence, a devout Muslim, pious and unrelenting philanthropist, His Excellency, former Governor of Sokoto State, Distinguished Senator Aliyu Magatakarda […]

Political Rancor Feels Old to America’s Youth

Among Gen Zers (18 to 24 years old), three-quarters said they felt the United States is more divided than before, according to More in Common, an organization that focuses on building “more united, inclusive and resilient societies in which people believe that what they have in common is stronger than what divides them,” according to […]

Poland’s LGBTQ Population Fears the Worst After President Duda Re-Elected

“Two years back, we were really trying to change the laws in our favor,” said Swider, referring to, among other things, her organization’s past campaign to make school curriculums more LGBTQ friendly. But these days, where the wannabe-autocrat Law and Justice party is in power and Duda is nicknamed their “ballpoint pen,” because he signs […]

Black Lives Matter equestrian on mission to inspire East Bay youths

The temperature has been above 90 in the East Bay, but Tan hasn’t minded the heat, or the dirt, or the occasional flies. Over the course of the day the quiet high school freshman has slowly come out of her shell, engaging more with the four other students in the Humble program and learning to […]

Thriving forward together: Sharing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great’s Light for resilient nations

2021 marks the 45th Anniversary of Thailand-Việt Nam Diplomatic Relations, another important milestone of our cordial friendship. However, long before our two countries established diplomatic relations, friendship between Thailand and Việt Nam was rooted for hundreds of years ago, spanning many generations. The historical evidence shows that both Thai and Vietnamese have long been interconnected. Today, […]

‘Horribly wrong’: Canadian’s murder defence prompts outrage

Under Canadian law, defendants can be found not criminally responsible if they prove it’s more likely than not they suffered a “mental disorder” at the time of their action that rendered them incapable of appreciating the nature and quality of the act … or of knowing that it was wrong.”

France’s former president Valéry Giscard dies of COVID-19

However, he decriminalised abortion in 1975 and created a minister for women’s issues. He also lowered the voting age from of 21 to 18, which was seen in its day as a big step for French youth.

Messi imitated Maradona’s skills but not his lifestyle

Argentina’s two iconic players may be contrasting characters but they shared many traits including a bond with Newell’s Old Boys and the Barca captain removed his shirt to reveal the red and black of the Rosario club before pointing to the sky.

Dune Creator’s Son Calls New Movie the Definitive Adaptation

“I was very impressed by the trailer, and I was thrilled to actually be on the movie set in Budapest last year, where my wife and I watched the filming of several scenes. This is a really big movie, a major project that will forever be considered THE definitive film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic […]

Why Simon Dallow loves hosting The Attitude Awards

“He’s got attitude in spades. He even inspired Jimmy Barnes who took him along as his opening act on his national tour. All respect to Corey – as he was the overall winner as well as the youth winner – but he is one of many people doing amazing things,” Dallow says.