Wacky words puzzle asks you to name all the famous catchphrases – but how quickly can you solve it?

Shared on Reddit each block features a word/words accompanied by either an image, colour or font that gives a cryptic clue to the catchphrase – and you should pay attention to the position of the words too.

Charts show Bay Area’s coronavirus spikes vs. biggest hot spots of pandemic

Cases began to stabilize and decrease by the period of May 17-June 16, when there was an average of only 63 cases per population of 100,000. By summer, the number began to rise as the stay-at-home order expired June 1 and some businesses were allowed to reopen. In early July, a mask mandate went into […]

The Pathless release date confirms the open-world archer game is a PS5 launch title

Combat and movement are built around archery, with the Huntress shooting down floating idols to refill her sprint meter and maintain her momentum. Exploration is also tied to your relationship with the eagle: if you keep it happy by cleaning and petting it regularly, it will carry you over and cross obstacles. If anything, our […]

Washington, the world’s biggest human rights violator

Considering the staggering human rights conditions within the country, the United States is advised to stop dictating to others what they should or should not do and politicizing human rights issues with lies and cheats. It is better for Washington to focus more on its own problems and protect and improve human rights with practical […]

IPL 2020: SRH Star Spinner Rashid Khan Reveals His Biggest Strength

“I went a little 2009 and opened my front leg to take it on. I took a bit of responsibility at the top of the order, and take it to the bowlers. It’s tough to play orthodox cricket in these conditions, so I have to open up 360 degrees,” he said of his batting style […]

The biggest PS5 games are set to come to PS4 in Sony U-turn

It’s a shocking move from the PlayStation manufacturer, given how much Sony has stressed the important of PS5 exclusives – even if that meant they wouldn’t come to PS4. Comments in the past year over exclusivity led many of us to believe that these flagship games wouldn’t be coming to current hardware, and it’s a […]

Sky Views: World worse off without business leaders like Eddie Davies

After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Durham University, he joined the Lancashire-based Scapa Group, then an industrial manufacturer of paper, travelling around the world in its employ and at one stage running its Latin American operations from Brazil during a difficult period of runaway inflation.

Living in two worlds hepled to shape my future

She forced me to learn the language. Even my parents over there communicate to us in our local language. Though I spent only six years in the country, it really helped to shape who I am today. Apart from that, the second greatest gift they gave to me is introducing me to the word of […]

Tanna’s Botannas serves up a candied world of sweet, spice and everything nice

“I have so many regular customers that, like, I almost know their entire life story,” Cole said. “And their grandparents come to me and now their kids. The person that found me this house, my realtor, was my customer before [she became] my realtor. [Christina Berry] came to my housewarming party, she comes to our […]

What Vladimir Putin Has Said about Joe Biden

Biden’s stance on Russia is not new to this election cycle. As vice president, Biden encouraged Obama to respond with force when Russia invaded Ukraine and became a top representative for the administration in the region, according to The New York Times. Three years earlier, he met with Putin in Moscow to discuss the relationship […]