Tokyo fears losing a part of its soul as world’s biggest fish market moves

“Tourists come here to eat and take in the traditional atmosphere, and I don’t think that’s going to change,” said Sannohe, whose store has been selling dried seafood at Tsukiji for 40 years. “But we’re going into uncharted territory, as the market has been in the same place for such a long time. I and […]

Brazil detains man accused of being Amazon’s biggest deforester

In addition to being home to around one-third of the planet’s biodiversity, the Amazon is considered one of the world’s most important natural defenses against global warming because of its capacity to absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Rain forest clearing is responsible for about 75% of Brazil’s emissions as vegetation is burned and felled […]

U.S. Gave Millions to Help Vulnerable in Greece Amid COVID-19, yet Biggest Refugee Camp Saw Little Support: Aid Workers

The U.S. government has provided Greece with nearly $5 million to help support the most vulnerable in the country’s coronavirus response. Yet, aid workers on the island of Lesbos say little support ever made its way to the thousands of migrants and asylum seekers who were living at the country’s biggest refugee camp before it […]

World’s wildlife populations have fallen by an average of 68% in four decades, World Wildlife Fund says

“We are destroying rainforests to convert the land to cropland to feed a growing planet and the growing demand for food, in general, and animal protein, in particular,” Shaw said. “In the process of deforestation and forest fragmentation for food production, we are opening up more and more tropical forests to the poaching of its […]

Covid vaccine: ‘8,000 jumbo jets needed’ to deliver doses around world

“Even if we assume that half the needed vaccines can be transported by land, the air cargo industry will still face its largest single transport challenge ever. In planning their vaccine programmes, particularly in the developing world, governments must take very careful consideration of the limited air cargo capacity that is available at the moment,” […]

Wealth Report: London, Not New York, Is World’s Greatest City

As Vladimir Putin sends troops into Crimea, attracting international condemnation and a tanking Russian stock market, the Wealth Report suggests that 37 percent of UHNWIs in Russia are considering a move abroad. London is their most likely destination for a number of reasons. In the 1990s, the British government introduced an investment visa, which substantially […]

Global coronavirus report: WHO sees record daily rise in cases around world

US president Donald Trump held a Nevada campaign rally at an indoor venue on Sunday, despite public health professionals’ warnings against large indoor gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. People in the crowd were seated close together and many did not wear masks.Israel will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown starting on Friday after a second-wave surge […]

This Woman Surfed the Biggest Wave of the Year

The WSL’s Big Wave Awards are like the Oscars of surfing, usually a live event in May where the men’s and women’s rides are acknowledged with categories like Ride of the Year, Biggest Paddle Wave, and even Wipeout of the Year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, this year’s awards were given out weekly throughout […]

Women’s T20 World Cup: Kaur underlines IND’s biggest strength ahead of tournament opener

IPL 2020 schedule: Mumbai Indians to take on Chennai Super Kings in season opener at Abu Dhabi A blow by blow account, sort of, of cricket’s chewing gum tradition Former Maharashtra Ranji player Shekhar Gawli dies after falling into gorge while trekking

India’s Biggest Mall To Come Up In Kochi

Announcing the details during a press conference, M A Yusuffali, Managing Director (MD) of the shopping mall and the MD of Emke Group, said, “This is our dream project. Our plan is not to build just a shopping mall, but a landmark destination for both residents and tourists alike. The facilities, brands, services, architecture and […]