Mitsubishi spends $90mn buying 10% of Vietnam’s high-tech material firm

MMC also manufactures and sells mechanical parts, electronic materials, and components used in automobiles, home appliances, as well as the tools used to make them. MMC is involved in recycling and energy business as well.

ASEAN Today: Vietnam lauded for efforts to combat illegal fishing

New regulations also require that all fishing vessels carry tracking devices. It appears that the regulations may already be helping to improve seafood traceability, as the number of boats with on-board GPS or other tracking technology has increased from 56 percent in April to 81 percent as of late August. These steps to improve traceability […]

Scalpers Sell Preorders of GeForce RTX 3080 for Over $1,200

We don’t recommend consumers blindly purchasing a product until a proper review is out. And truth be told, unless the eBay seller has contacts at retailers or has lighting-speed reflexes to click that buy button, his or her possibility of snatching up a GeForce RTX 3080 on September 17 is pretty much the same as […]

Netflix Sets Five New Anime Titles, Unveils First Looks At ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’, ‘Yasuke’, More

The legendary manga that took the world by storm in the 1990s has been vividly brought to this animated series by utilizing 2D drawings and 3DCG. The legacy of an outstanding civilization that once existed on this planet is said to still be hidden in various parts of the world. The military of major powers […]

Joe Biden’s economic plan: Will it convince American voters?

“Biden will continue to put pressure on the Chinese to abide by international trade law, but he will not do this through a unilateral trade war,” Zandi predicted. “He will reengage with the World Trade Organization and other multilateral trade organizations to put pressure on the Chinese to change their behavior.”

I Got All My Debate News from Facebook. How Do You Think It Went?

Four out of the next seven popular posts related to the debate. Two were intensely critical of Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s performance as the debate’s moderator. A Daily Wire story shared by right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro noted that Wallace, “a registered Democrat,” had “faced intense backlash on Tuesday night for what was widely deemed […]

As hate speech online increases, so has the resistance

“We have become emotional junkies whose self-worth depends on a response,” says Wiehl. The interpersonal aspect always falls to the wayside. “Social media attempt to limit social interaction to mere exchanges of information. But you cannot experience another person in his or her entirety through social media. A refugee, for example, is no longer a […]

Coronavirus: UK economy grows 2.1% – less than half the rise expected

“Although the UK remains on course to exit recession in the third quarter, the looming triple threat of surging unemployment, further restrictions and a disorderly end to the transition period means the recent rally in economic output is likely to be short-lived.”

Coronavirus: Northern Ireland imposes four-week circuit breaker lockdown

Household bubbles must be no bigger than 10 people from two householdsOvernight stays in other homes are bannedClosure of “close contact services” (unless required for essential health reasons)Indoor sport of all kinds suspended, apart from at an elite levelMass events involving more than 15 people are to be bannedOff licences and supermarkets will not be […]

Wave of new COVID-19 cases crashes across U.S. and Europe as winter looms

The Spanish government faced a backlash over its plans to put one of Europe’s worst COVID-19 hot spots under a six-month state of emergency. Opposition parties said six months was too long, epidemiologists said this may be too little too late and some citizens balked at nightly curfews.