5 things to know for April 6: Coronavirus, health, economy, elections, White House

The coronavirus has reached the massive Dharavi slum outside of Mumbai, which puts India at risk of being the next hot spot. Doctors fear if the virus spreads among the slum’s 1 million or so residents, it could signal disaster for the rest of the country. In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the […]

How do you reopen the economy after coronavirus? German experts have a plan

But it’s too soon to sound the all-clear. New questions are being raised about whether infection data reported by Beijing can be trusted, and huge numbers of people were seen flocking to tourist sites over the weekend. Some businesses have rushed back to work too soon, complicating the recovery efforts. A top titanium producer restarted […]

Europe toll hits grim milestone as UN warns of humanity’s worst crisis since World War II

PARIS: The coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 30,000 lives in Europe alone, a global tally showed Wednesday, in what the head of the United Nations has described as humanity’s worst crisis since World War II. Italy and Spain bore the brunt of the crisis, accounting for three in every four deaths on the continent, […]

Tech retailers manage to survive COVID-19 pandemic

The demand for online shopping of mobile products, tablets and laptops is increasing for learning, working and entertainment at home in the context of the nationwide social distancing campaign in place from April 1. In March alone, FPT Shop’s revenue from the online segment rose 46% compared to February.

GOODMAN: President Trump Is Taking The Lead In The Campaign To Save America

Will this deadly pandemic give renewed life to those wanting to fully transform America’s delivery of health care? Will we opt to travel less and commute less? Will face-to-face communication, both at work and at home, be replaced more and more by Skype and Zoom and Facetime and Google Duo? Will we gather and commune […]

Health experts call for Roosevelt-style programs to kill virus, revive economy

Such a program aimed at bolstering national public health would be unprecedented in the history of the country. But as the economy nosedives into what could be a depression and millions lose their jobs in the space of a few days and weeks, a government-backed effort to get those people back to work does have […]

New coronavirus cases in Australia could number almost zero by July, modelling suggests

It assumes the incidence peak — the number of new cases reported daily — was hit in late March, and a prevalence peak — the number of cases active at once — in mid-April. Under this scenario the total number of cases in Australia will reach between 8,000 and 10,000. As of Monday, the actual […]

Coronavirus: India’s bailout may not be enough to save economy

India’s pandemic lockdown turns into a human tragedy ‘Beaten and abused for doing my job in lockdown’ India announces $22bn virus bailout for the poor But the economic fallout of this unprecedented lockdown has been dire. Businesses have closed, unemployment has risen and productivity has fallen.

In leading WA’s coronavirus fight, Premier Mark McGowan has had to adopt extreme measures

It’s an unusual view for a state Labor government to have of a Liberal Prime Minister, but it’s a sign of the times and the extent to which traditional party lines have almost evaporated in the national cabinet process.

Lessons From Wartime Economics

It is remarkable how the economic debate that has dominated political life over the past decade in Britain and much of Europe—how austere should we be?—is completely irrelevant to our current crisis, as if that argument sits in a parallel economic universe that we no longer inhabit.