TALK OF THE TOWN: Lewis Hamilton races into pop as the F1 champion hires Justin Bieber’s voice coach in a bid to conquer the music world

The F1 champion has hired Justin Bieber’s voice coach Jan Smith in a bid to conquer the music world. ‘I have no doubt his new music will resonate with the masses,’ said the 62-year-old coach, known as Mama Jan, who said she had even flown to Monaco to work on his voice between F1 training.

Downturn Blues: Carmakers line up six new launches in next 15 days

“Automotive industry is following the foot-steps of handset industry and bollywood movies, where there is a race to launch new products ahead of the competition. To stay ahead of the carmakers who will launch their products at the peak festive season, few carmakers have slated launch in the month of August,” said Vinay Piparsania, Consulting […]

Why these intimidating race protests will only inflame divisions across Britain, by founder of the Equiano Project INAYA FOLARIN IMAN

After all, Britain is the land that pioneered the concept of equality before the law through Magna Carta, gave the world parliamentary democracy, developed a free Press and formulated the idea of policing by consent. We played a central role in the abolition of slavery and, unlike the U.S., never had any system of racial […]

Students celebrate race, ethnicity and religion through on-campus organizations

“I feel like there’s such a stigma behind religion. It’s usually portrayed as this really crazy out there thing where you have to believe everything and you have to just follow all these rules,” Friedman said. “And I’d say that’s not always the case. I’d say that it’s up to you to figure out what […]

Who is an ‘everyday New Zealander’, anyway?

This group sounds privileged and selfish. The term is used, too often, as shorthand for “middle-class Pākehā”. It’s a dog whistle to the semi-automatic gun owners who are fine with lives being lost as long as they get to keep their guns, or the generations of us who were never taught New Zealand history and […]

China saved the giant panda, but conservation efforts ignored other species says new study

So-called “apex predators” sit at the top of the food chain, and play a crucial role in keeping their ecosystems healthy. When stable predator populations hunt prey, they keep the food chain in balance, without any one species becoming overpopulated or creating too much strain on the habitat’s resources. When predator populations decline, it will […]

NHL Bubble Wrap: McDavid, Svechnikov put on hat trick shows; Rangers on brink

Factoids By collecting his 68th career playoff goal, Crosby tied Gordie Howe for 18th most in NHL playoff history. That tally also pushed Crosby’s career playoff point total to 188, tying Crosby with Joe Sakic and Doug Gilmour for eighth all-time. For all of the Golden Knights’ accomplishments as a young team, Monday’s win marked the first time […]

Katy Perry PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Star stays vigilant as she keeps pepper spray close while draping her baby belly with grey dress as she fetches food

She echoed her comments in a recent interview with Howard Stern, detailing: ‘Obviously, that will happen in the future, but for now we just want to deliver a healthy child. And that’s what’s coming up right now!’

Martin Brundle column: The verdict on British GP and its amazing finish

Quite what happened to Seb Vettel is anyone’s guess, including his by the sound if it, as he reports that he had no confidence behind the wheel of his unruly Ferrari. He had lots of issues during the two Friday practices but never at any point looked like a top-ten runner until he sneaked 10th […]

Poised To Pick His Running Mate, Joe Biden Looks To California

“There will be a resistance to your ambition,” Harris said during Black Girls Lead 2020, a virtual conference for young Black women, according to the New York Times. “There will be people who say to you, ‘You are out of your lane,’ because they are burdened by only having the capacity to see what has […]