Playwright Simon Stephens: ‘The same old agonies return to haunt you’

Since then, the cursing and sobbing have been plentiful. His retelling of the 7 July 2005 attacks, Pornography, debuted at the 2008 Edinburgh fringe, followed a year later by a monologue, Sea Wall, which related in harrowing detail a swimming trip that goes tragically wrong. His next full-scale play, Punk Rock (also 2009), transplanted an […]

Who’s Afraid of Max Landis?

His haters — himself included, at least during moments like the above soliloquy — may be numerous, but living well is the proverbial best revenge, and it seems like Landis has been finding his center as he rises. After a recent breakup, he shaved his distinctive rainbow-dyed hair (“The truth is, is that I’m a […]

How a poet’s son is reclaiming Genoa from Italy’s tainted elite

In conversation, Sansa describes the pillars of his post-Covid programme as: “youth opportunity, fighting corruption, the environment, and spending from the post-Covid EU recovery fund on community-based medicine,” the lack of which was laid bare by coronavirus. Liguria had the highest regional deaths per capita, after Lombardy. He says: “I propose a regional economy free […]

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald has hired a lot of people and given them more responsibility and more reward faster than, I think, any other major executive ever would, so if you go into his organization as a gifted young person and you show that you can handle an assignment, he’ll give you a tougher one and a tougher […]

Walter Mosley to receive honorary National Book Award

“Easy changes as he gets older and the world changes, so dealing with that world becomes a different thing,” Mosley says. “I’m always writing about something new and my character hopefully has some things to say. When I started working on the Rawlins novels, I had been talking about my father, but after (the 2007 […]

Retracing final moments The Singapore Grip author’s life

“We could see him in the water – just his head. I said I’m going to go down to reach to him but the children said no you’ll fall in. We called to him to take off the boots. But he didn’t even attempt to take the boots off He was quite close to me, […]

A life in writing: Vendela Vida

This she was doing in the form of her first novel, And Now You Can Go. She wrote a draft, didn’t like it and threw it away: “But there were eight pages I did like, where a woman was held at gunpoint. I started again and put them at the start.” They make for a striking […]

Santa Cruz fires left no time for warnings: ‘The only evacuation notice we got was a wall of fire’

If government and fire officials don’t drastically reform the way they handle the new breed of wildfires, especially in remote areas, “we’re just going to make the same mistakes again,” Martinez-McKinney said. “We need to figure out what went wrong and move forward.”

Saturday Night Live veteran Will Forte, 50, is bringing back his MacGruber character for a new series for Peacock

Following his stint on SNL from 2002–2010, Forte created and starred in the critically acclaimed Fox comedy series The Last Man On Earth from 2015–2018 and has been a go-to comedy guest star on numerous TV shows.

The 26 most toe-curling quotes from Finding Freedom: Friends who are amazed by Meghan’s packing skills and call her ‘Grace under fire’, classmates who taunt her for being ‘perfect’ and how Harry is ‘tough to impress’

‘She embraced some of the dedicated team members whose tireless efforts—to promote the couple’s work, launch landmark projects, and deal with the near-daily crises brought on by the tabloids—had come to an abrupt end. ‘I can’t believe this is it,’ she said, hugging one the young female aides she had become close with.