Tokyo fears losing a part of its soul as world’s biggest fish market moves

“I’m really worried about safety standards at the new place,” said Chino, who acts as an intermediary between wholesalers and clients. “I don’t believe Koike’s claim that Toyosu is safe, and I know that lots of my customers are nervous about it too. No one, especially people with young children, will want to eat fish […]

Letters: Teen driver stands up for herself; next, a lesson in good manners?

Age affects all differently. Some are blessed with good health, friends, close families, stimulating activities and the feeling we’re still useful. Some of us live on different parts of that spectrum. Some of us unfortunately don’t live to be “old.”

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle shocked by ‘single biggest item of expenditure’ after Megxit

“It’s referred to as taxpayers’ money, but let’s be clear, it comes from the sovereign grant. The sovereign grant is the amount of money taken from the share of the profits of the Crown of State. Some of it goes to the UK Government, the other is siphoned off to pay for the Royal Family.”

‘Magical force’: New book reveals Trump-Kim letters

“Even now I cannot forget that moment of history when I firmly held Your Excellency’s hand at the beautiful and sacred location as the whole world watched with great interest and hope to relive the honor of that day,” Kim wrote to Trump on Christmas Day, 2018, following their first meeting in Singapore.

Letters: Who’s in favor of this Quarter proposal? Re-imagine Bourbon Street

I agree with John Reed that the magic of the French Quarter is bound up with its identity as a real residential neighborhood with businesses mixed in. Not a drunken Disneyland, not a weekend mass-alcohol-consumption destination for spring breakers of all ages.

Nurse claims Met police wrongfully arrested her because she is black

She believes her experience illustrates the challenges faced by black people once they are in the justice system. She was found guilty at Wimbledon magistrates court in September of resisting/obstructing a constable and says she worried about bringing up racism to an all-white bench. “Even in court I never once said: ‘This is because I’m […]

U.S. Has Officially Withdrawn From the World Health Organization

News of the withdrawal came as an increasing number of states across the U.S. were reporting record highs in new virus cases. The country as a whole has also reported record numbers of new cases over the past two weeks. According to a Tuesday, July 7, situation report compiled by the WHO, the new cases […]

Women ‘behind brutal raping and killing of man wrongly suspected of being a paedophile’

Those detained and on the run face charges of ‘killing an innocent man’ with ‘particular cruelty’ in a violent sexual attack.

Brazil detains man accused of being Amazon’s biggest deforester

In addition to being home to around one-third of the planet’s biodiversity, the Amazon is considered one of the world’s most important natural defenses against global warming because of its capacity to absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Rain forest clearing is responsible for about 75% of Brazil’s emissions as vegetation is burned and felled […]

U.S. Gave Millions to Help Vulnerable in Greece Amid COVID-19, yet Biggest Refugee Camp Saw Little Support: Aid Workers

On Thursday, two days after a major fire tore through the Moria refugee camp, leaving the more than 12,500 staying at a camp designed to accommodate 3,000 displaced, the U.S. State Department said it would be coordinating with the Greek government and the European Union to help provide humanitarian assistance in response to the disaster.