Queens Man Allegedly Orders Another Man’s Package on JetBlue Flight

It was off the menu. The incident happened on a mid-July flight from the Dominican Republic to JFK when 29-year-old Othniel Polanco allegedly reached over to the 18-year-old sleeping passenger sitting next to him, put his hand inside the guy’s shorts around the knee, and groped the man’s genitals. The victim punched Polanco in the face […]

Where’s Samuel L. Jackson? There Was Actually a Motherf*cking Snake on a Motherf*cking Plane

As Samuel L. Jackson once wisely intoned, “I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!” No doubt passengers of the Torreon-Mexico City flight of Air Mexico were wishing they had the actor on board with them when a snake slithered from the overhead compartment and fell down into the cabin below. […]

The pervert’s lair in the air: Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane – dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ – was the scene of many alleged sordid liaisons with the paedophile tycoon. Now it’s mouldering on an airstrip in the US

Flight logs say that in 1999, the Duke flew from New York to Epstein’s private Caribbean island on his old jet — a Gulfstream — and returned with another passenger, Russian model Anna Malova. Epstein’s regular pilot, David Rodgers, last year testified that the Duke was aboard on several flights, including the plane’s maiden flight […]

Moment easyJet passenger, 46, with lung damage is thrown off plane for not wearing a face mask because he didn’t have a medical exemption form on flight from Luton to Edinburgh

‘For the safety of all onboard and in line with EASA guidelines, all customers are required to wear a face covering. We know some passengers may not be able to and so we inform all customers of this ahead of travel and of what to do if they require an exemption.

Delta Flight Returns to Gate, Removes Passenger Refusing to Wear Mask

“My mom’s @Delta flight from Detroit to LA just turned around and went back to the gate because a passenger refused to wear a mask. Flight attendants announced masks are non negotiable! Thank you @Delta for putting passenger safety first! @LASpeech,” Wiley wrote on Twitter Saturday.

Hello Kitty themed plane will host three-hour flight to ‘nowhere’ for super fans

The Hello Kitty themed plane is not a new addition to the fleet – EVA Air has partnered with the cartoon’s creators Sanrio for years to create three special Hello Kitty themed planes, as well as special events. (You can check out the full range of what they’ve worked on on the official website ).

Flight cancelled after dispute over whether toddler should wear mask

He added: “We wish to extend our sincere regards & prayers for the passengers who had to endure any form of discomfort & hardship, we’re glad to learn that most passengers have made it to their destination. We are dearly touched by all messages from various passengers throughout the day.”

Best Microsoft Flight Simulator mods

VFRmap by lian This is something I dearly needed—a more straightforward VFR map. I’m not quite good enough to rely on the in-game VFR map. I need more detail, and that’s where VFRMap helps out.

US Spy Plane Impersonates Malaysian Aircraft to Fly Close to Chinese Airspace – Report

​The confusion created by disguising military aircraft as civilian planes places innocent lives at risk, as incidents like Iran Air Flight 655 prove. An RC-135W was also at the center of another infamous airliner shootdown: when a Soviet interceptor shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 off the coast of Sakhalin Island in 1983, it […]

British Airways 747-400 plane spotted taking final flight as airline retires fleet

“It is a heart-breaking decision to have to make. So many people, including many thousands of our colleagues past and present, have spent countless hours on and with these wonderful planes – they have been at the centre of so many memories, including my very first long-haul flight.