Pokemon Go 2019-2020 Community Day list: All the Pokemon that will feature this month

The December Community Days each year tend to do something unique, and this year is no different. Niantic is taking all the featured Pokemon from the Pokemon Go 2019-2020 Community Day list and throwing all 22 Pokemon into this final event, before 2021 begins and hopefully life starts to return to normal. But what Pokemon […]

Delhi fails to make it to Centre’s list of top 10 police stations in India

After the Supreme Court directives to install CCTV cameras and recording equipment in the offices of top law enforcement agencies and police stations across the country, the Union ministry of home on Thursday released a list of top 10 police. While Manipur tops the list with Nongpok Sekmai police station in Thoubal district named the […]

Will Google’s naughty list really improve Android updates?

Ultimately, though, the companies that deliver Android OS and security updates are the manufacturers themselves and, rightly or wrongly, they are also the ones most commonly blamed for failures in that provision. Google has very good reason to want to increase pressure on its hardware partners, however I’m dubious that a naughty list of poorly […]

Feature: Chinese expatriate dreams to propel Zimbabwean arts, culture onto international stage

As the reputation of Dreamstar continues to grow regionally, Zhao said a number of Chinese nationals from neighboring South Africa, Botswana and Namibia grace the final show annually, stirring plans for a possible regional Dreamstar show and final in China.

Three Ways To Reframe A Problem To Find An Innovative Solution

Seelig says this is a hard exercise, because a lot of our assumptions are deeply ingrained. “Cirque du Soleil challenged assumptions about what a circus is. Instead of cheap entertainment for kids, they turned it into a high-end event for adults that competes with the theatre or opera,” she says. “In addition, Southwest challenged the […]

Best Shots review: King in Black #1 “an exciting continuation of Donny Cates’ symbiote story”

Knull wins. He’s the god of all symbiotes, the creator of All-Black the Necrosword, a force more powerful than Gorr, Ego, and even Galactus. But it’s hard to be as enamored with Knull as Cates seems to be. He seems intent on the connectivity of the Marvel Universe being the most interesting thing about it […]

The dark art of Noctropolis, the most gorgeous FMV game you’ve never played

But after all of that, they ended up having to pack up and return to Utah to re-shoot the game footage. “It turned out that it wasn’t fully sanctioned by Electronic Arts to do it in Hollywood, and so that caused some problems,” Erickson explains. Both Mitchell and Erickson are, all these years later, surprisingly […]

12 Things They Cut From Harry Potter

Sir Patrick Delaney-PodmoreThis deceased Sir is the head of the Headless Hunt – a group for spirits that has a zero-tolerance entrance requirement: you’re barred if your head isn’t completely cleaved from your body. Such rules are much to the annoyance of Hogwarts spook Nearly Headless Nick (John Cleese in the film), whose bouncing bonce […]

Lenny Kravitz on Love, Anger, and Music

What was your personal definition of success when you first started, and how has that changed as you’ve gotten older?My definition of success was that I was really proud of the albums and of the recordings. But I didn’t care that they were hits or they sold. I never went to one awards ceremony where […]

Apple releases OS X 10.10.2 with a pile of security, privacy, and Wi-Fi fixes

Though the security patches aren’t listed in the standard release notes (details for security updates are usually published to this page within a day or two), 10.10.2 should include a fix for the “Thunderstrike” bootkit attack, which can replace a Mac’s firmware with hard-to-detect malware using an attached Thunderbolt accessory. Also gone are three less pressing vulnerabilities […]