Despair and delight of UK’s Covid exam generation: From the young carer robbed of a university place to twins who scored identical A*s and are now off to Oxford

The most popular subject taken this year was maths (94,168 entries), as has been the case for the last few years. But there was a change in second place, with psychology (65,255 entries) overtaking biology (65,057 entries). Psychology has gone up by around 10,000 entries since 2014, and this – plus a year-on-year fall in […]

California could cut its prison population in half and free 50,000 people. Amid pandemic, will the state act?

Before the releases — a process now known as “Realignment” — California prison officials warned that the violent crime rate would surely rise. Instead, according to detailed studies by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California and academic researchers, the state’s violent crime continued to hover at about the same level it was in the […]

Coronavirus news LIVE: France goes on UK quarantine list as lockdown eases in England

It is compulsory to wear face coverings on public transport, in shops and when collecting takeaway food. Last month Met Police boss Dame Cressida Dick said she would prefer for shoppers to be “shamed” into wearing masks rather than officers have to enforce the rules.

Teachers face Covid-19 fears as school districts decide whether to reopen in person

Usually in late summer, the couple shuttles back and forth between each other’s classrooms preparing each space for the first day of school. That ritual looks a lot different this year, with Kylie’s kindergarten classroom undergoing a coronavirus-related overhaul while Leland’s will remain empty as he teaches students online from a home office.

Furry engineers: sea otters in California’s estuaries surprise scientists

Keystone species Sea otters may be North America’s smallest marine mammal, but they have a huge appetite. Unlike other species that rely on a layer of fat called blubber to keep them warm, otters use their dense fur and a high metabolic rate to maintain body heat in the chilly waters of the northern pacific. […]

Is Texas Ready for a Democratic Senator? MJ Hegar Thinks So

I would say from having read your book and your descriptions of your combat missions, you do qualify as a badass, no question about it. And one of the things that I thought of when these attacks on Kamala started, was a passage from your book and the title of your book, which is Shoot […]

As COVID-19 cases rise in U.S., precious plasma donations lag

In California, the Houchin Community Blood Bank is barely meeting demand for plasma, said Brad Bryan, chief executive officer of the Kern County-based facility. Kern has seen more new coronavirus cases in the last two weeks than any California county except Los Angeles. Houchin supplies hospitals in its area and around the country.

How did Britain get its coronavirus response so wrong?

In February, sporadic cases of Covid-19 were appearing round the country, recalls Tom Wingfield, a clinician and infectious disease expert based at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. “These were cases that had been brought into the country, mainly from China or Italy. Then there was an outbreak in Brighton [and a number of other […]

Andi Peters’ mysterious life uncovered – relationships, no booze and Phillip Schofield clap back

“And unlike producing, you don’t have to take the work home with you. Once you’ve done the show, it’s done. When you’re producing, you’re sometimes managing big teams and that never stops. I thought I’d go through a phase of presenting for a while.”

Lucrecia Martel’s ‘Chocobar’, Mari Alessandrini’s ‘Zahori’ Win at Locarno

Two female directors take top honors at the 2020 Locarno Film Festival for films they were forced to delay because of the coronavirus pandemic. Lucrecia Martel and Mari Alessandrini have taken top honors at this year’s Locarno International Film Festival, winning the Pardi 2020 awards for best film, respectively, in the international and Swiss film […]