Amit Chaudhuri: ‘I use the things that real memoirists throw out’

When he won a place studying English at University College London – helped by the personal intervention, it emerged years later, of editor and UCL professor Karl Miller, who, on the basis of Chaudhuri writing about the books he was reading, dispensed with the need for an interview – he found himself equally isolated in […]

World Poetry Day: 5 easy ways to make poetry a part of your daily life

Every year on March 21 since 1999, the World Poetry Day is celebrated to promote poetry in our daily lives– be it teaching or any other art forms like theatre, dance or music. The day was adopted by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to make poetry accessible and a part of […]

Lucci’s List: April 2020

“Survival: Evolutionary Rules for Intelligent Species Survival” by Samuel Layne reads like a gentle textbook, full of information and highlights without being ambiguous or overly wordy. It is a humanistic approach to discovering life on earth and entertains the ideas of lives on other planets as well. With NASA data, quotes by leading scientists such […]