Coronavirus: Short on doctors, Italy looks to migrants

But then she was faced with another setback. Due to budget cuts and poor planning by the health sector, many young doctors have been excluded from the five-year state-sponsored training program for specialist qualifications — a prerequisite to work in the public sector, outside of the emergency room.

Inside the Brussels Lockdown Sex Party: Love Hearts, Devil’s Tridents and Mattresses All Over

Police say Szajer had ecstasy tablets in his backpack when he was apprehended. He says he asked police to administer a drug test, which they did not do, and denies that they belonged to him. All party guests were fined €250 for breaking Belgium’s COVID lockdown regulations.

NZ ideally placed to broker truce between China and the Five Eyes alliance

A bird in the hand? Taking that example, then, what better symbol for New Zealand, the US and China than the bar-tailed godwit, or kuaka? The bird holds the world record for migration, flying between parts of North America, China, Australia and its furthermost destination, New Zealand (depending on its subspecies).

‘Demon’ daughter ‘asked if she could sew her mum’s head back on after stabbing her 100 times until it came off’

Younger sister Kristi Torrisi told the court that Camilleri would continually watch horror films, and that her favourites included The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Jeepers Creepers.

UK clears Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, to be available next week

The UK had signaled it would move swiftly in approving a vaccine as part of an operation to protect its population, and doctors across the country were put on standby for a possible rollout. For the government, it’s an opportunity to make up for missteps during the pandemic as Britain’s death toll nears 60,000.

F1: Bottas wins Russian Grand Prix after Hamilton time penalty

Lap 25/53 Hamilton slides up the field as those in front of him start to pit – third is a real possibility here. No record-breaking but still lots of points. Ricciardo slides past Raikkonen into 9th. Bottas keeps setting fastest laps, just to reminder Verstappen and Hamilton that there is no catching him. Ocon struggling to […]

Gordon Ramsay makes hilarious parenting confession which might surprise you

“If you start treading on egg shells and you start worrying about the feelings before identifying the problem then you go all the way around,” he added. “So feelings are personal and sometimes you have to get through to their feelings to understand how big the problem is.”

Mum who thought her sports bra didn’t fit found she had breast cancer

Although Lindsey’s maternal grandma and grandma’s sister both had breast cancer, genetic testing has shown that she does not carry the BRAC1 or BRAC2 gene mutations that make people more likely to develop the disease.

Tier 2 drinkers celebrate end of lockdown with breakfast beers and full English

Debate has raged on what counts as a proper meal alongside a drink, with Environment Secretary George Eustice delighting drinkers by suggesting said: “I think a Scotch egg probably would count.”