Ark park teaches Creationism, but will it create jobs?

One thing is not in dispute — this is one big ark. The replica of the world’s most famous lifeboat, which sits on 800 acres in Northern Kentucky’s scenic river region some 30 miles south of Cincinnati, measures 510 feet in length, or 300 cubits, as specified in the Bible. That makes it nearly as […]

New Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens Anime Debuts to Stellar Reviews

A Different Concept I didn’t hate the first episode and Maybe It can be enjoyable But I am not fine with the Rush Duel concept, Yugioh is one of the most unique card games and It has lots of strategy in it but Rush duels have no strategy at all, just action. It doesn’t feel […]

NYC considering using parks as temporary burial sites: city councilman

New York City Mayor Bill de BlasioBill de BlasioNew York City auctioned off extra ventilators due to cost of maintenance: report NYC considering using parks as temporary burial sites: city councilman US attorney opposes release of inmates in DC MORE (D) said the city had not yet decided to move forward with such burials, but […]

Johnny Depp’s dogs: their only crime was being born into a life of privilege

No one’s denying that complying with Australia’s bio-security regulations would be an enormous drag for anyone, let alone one of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. But the truth we are left with is that Depp’s apparent, somewhat obscure failure to follow the rules – or at least outsource them to a member of staff – […]

Shocking video shows tourists feeding caged tigers with FISHING POLES at a Chinese zoo

Viral video emerged on Monday shows a group of tourists – some are children – leaning against a balcony while swinging their fishing poles attached with raw meat to attract the tigers on the ground. It remains unknown when the video was filmed

Italian passenger jet is ‘held’ after arriving in Mauritius as authorities ‘demand all on board are quarantined or fly straight back’ amid concerns over coronavirus which has killed SIX in the country… while UK insists ‘threat to British public is low’

SOUTH KOREA: Workers wearing protective gear spray disinfectant at a market in the southeastern city of Daegu. South Korea reported two additional deaths from coronavirus and 123 more cases on February 23, with nearly two thirds of the new patients connected to a religious sect. The national toll of 763 cases is now the second-highest outside […]

Courtney Stodden does drag with her dogs and dresses like Joe ‘Exotic’ from Netflix hit Tiger King

Casting challenge: Men are lining up to play Exotic in UCP’s upcoming small-screen adaptation of Robert Moor’s Wondery podcast, Over My Dead Body, which will be produced by and star SNL’s Kate McKinnon (L) as Carole (R)

Maintenance staff slog with Coronavirus fear in mind

In case of a tourist or cultural site like a museum or a national park, or where the work is more hands-on, to continue to go about one’s business while still keeping in mind social distancing and watch over one’s own health can be taxing. An example of this is Jay Brewer of The Reptile […]

Three More Cubs Born at National Zoo

In May, Nababiep gave birth to a male cub, but it died two days later after a straw seed that became lodged in its lung led to pneumonia. The mortality rate for lion cubs in captivity in 2009 was about 30 percent, compared with a 67-percent mortality rate for cubs in the wild .

African swine fever outbreak reported in western Poland

“Jumps over large distances in the disease spread (eg within Poland, to Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic) clearly show the existing risk of introduction into Germany through human activity. The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) is especially concerned about the situation in wild boar in Poland as the last cases are only about 10km from the German border,” […]