JTI Vietnam aims at Net Zero carbon emissions

Over its two decades of operations, JTI Vietnam not only focuses on economic development but now also fully integrating social responsibility as well as environmental protection in its sustainable development business strategy, which are reflected through many and varied nationwide programs. JTI’s approach to sustainability is not only focused on encouraging us to make the […]

Baker Hughes plots low carbon future as oil prices remain low

Baker Hughes is adjusting to a sharp drop in oil demand as the pandemic and a short-lived price war drove its biggest customers to idle equipment, slow new oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects and cut employees. Global oil futures LCOc1 traded under $40 per barrel on Tuesday, below the breakeven price for many […]

Fifth of all global CO2 emissions come from the supply chains of large multinational companies such as Total, BP and Coca Cola, study finds

Carbon footprint of MNEs in the electronics sector in 2016 (MtCO2 at both axes). The blue bars represent the carbon emissions in supply chains of MNEs in a certain country. The lines represent the carbon emissions in supply chains of large foreign affiliates of Samsung and Apple 

Wall Street watchdog calls for carbon pricing, better prep for climate change

“A large-scale transition to a net-zero emissions economy will pose risks to the financial system if markets and market participants prove unable to adapt to rapid changes in policy, technology, and consumer preferences. Financial system stress, in turn, may further exacerbate disruptions in economic activity, for example, by limiting the availability of credit or reducing access to certain financial […]

Carbon pricing instrument should be driven by national conditions

Meanwhile, Le Thu, an environmental expert from the World Bank told VIR that although Vietnam has been striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the government still needs to release additional policies on promoting clean electricity and help enterprises strengthen their technology to reduce emissions and understand what the government is doing. “The carbon market has great […]

UK citizens’ assembly wants ‘fair’ path to 2050 net-zero emissions goal

LONDON: Taxes on frequent fliers, more wind and solar power, and better protection for nature should be key policies in Britain’s push to meet its promise to cut emissions to net zero by 2050, a citizens’ assembly advised the country’s lawmakers on Thursday.But its final recommendations in a report to parliament did not back nuclear […]

Google has fully offset its lifetime carbon emissions today

Google calls its 2030 goal of eliminating its use of carbon-based energy sources a “moonshot,” and one with tremendous “practical and technical complexity.” Regardless, Google hopes to tackle this project by combining wind and solar power sources together, using AI to boost energy efficiency, and increasing battery storage capacity.

Criticism over BP bid to help Aberdeen City Council cut emissions

Is Scotland leading the way on climate change? How to tackle Scotland’s ‘climate emergency’ Climate protests held at BP AGM Jenny Laing, city council co-leader, told BBC Scotland: “Aberdeen’s economy has been built around oil and gas over the last 50 years and we understand that if we’re to meet the net-zero target that we […]

U.S. utilities say Biden plan to cut C02 hinges on breakthroughs

Xcel, which has among the most aggressive plans to move away from fossil fuels, said it will achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 with large additions of solar and wind power. But eliminating carbon emissions entirely will take another two decades, the utility said, far longer than Biden’s plan calls for.

INSIGHT-U.S. utilities say Biden plan to cut C02 hinges on breakthroughs

Natural gas emits about half as much CO2 as coal when burned, and its increased use in recent years has helped the United States slash emissions. But gas is a potent contributor to climate change when it leaks. Scientists say it has a tendency to escape from infrastructure in the form of methane, a climate-heating […]