Coronavirus Q&A: YMCA fitness expert shares quarantine workout tips

That is a message being spread by fitness trainers across the Houston region, including Shelby Saylor, Association Director of Healthy Living for the YMCA Greater Houston. Saylor said when usual athletic pursuits and workout habits, like going to the local gym, are not available, it is critical for people to exercise inside their homes, utilizing […]

Covid-19: Try these 7 healthy snacks while you work from home during lockdown, self-quarantine

Craving sweets is totally normal. But treat yourself to whole fruit instead of the candies or milk chocolates (dark chocolates in limited quantities are welcome) that are nothing but sugar. Even though fruit naturally contains sugar (fructose), it’s packed with nutrition, is low in fat content, and high in fibre giving it an edge over […]

Melanie Griffith, 62, looks very fit as she goes for a power walk in LA… after sharing childhood photo with a lion on her mom Tippi Hedren’s sanctuary

Tippi also decided to raise a lion called Neil in her home with Noel. In 1971, Life magazine ran a now iconic set of photographs of the adult Neil at Tippi’s family home, including in Melanie’s bed with the then teenage girl.

Vietnamese improvise indoor fitness regime

But it was a walk in the park for a runner in his 30s with seven years’ experience. In the past, he used to have long runs by himself on Ham Lon Mountain, Soc Son District, about 40 km from Hanoi, and completed a 100 km run in Sa Pa in the northern highlands of Lao Cai […]

Mum petrified as ‘high risk’ seven-month-old baby is hospitalised with coronavirus

The youngster is now believed to be the youngest Covid-19 death in Europe after a 12-year-old girl passed away in Belgium earlier this week.

Slovak fitness model Lucia Javorcekova and other Wags show off best workouts at home during coronavirus exile

Más unidos que nunca 🤍. Gracias a todos los que nos mandan mensajitos preguntando como estamos! Estamos bien, cumpliendo nuestra cuarentena y esperando que pase todo rápido.

Domhnall Gleeson doesn’t fit the celebrity mold, and he’s completely fine with that

There’s been a comforting living-room double feature of “Mary Poppins” and “Singin’ in the Rain,” favorites from his youth growing up in the Dublin suburbs with his parents (his dad is acclaimed actor Brendan Gleeson, who co-starred in “Braveheart” and played “Mad Eye” Moody in “Harry Potter”) and three brothers. And the now-familiar gasps of […]

18 healthy (but still delicious) snacks you can get delivered to your door

13. Split packets contain nut butter on one side, a fruit spread on the other, In March, the brand donated 150,000 packets to the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles Mission. A sampler pack is $29.99 for 12.

Havant man died after taking steroids to keep fit at gym

Explaining his steroid use, she said: “I guess it was because he wanted to perform better in the gym, I didn’t ask him his reasons for wanting to do it.

Tiger Woods says he would’ve been healthy for Masters this week

“It’s weird practicing with no end goal to get ready for,” Woods said. “Hypothetically it could be this. Hypothectically it could be that. It seems like it changes from day to day. Week to week there’s always something new.”