UAE duo ‘stood to make US$272,000’ in successful fix

The ACU had been monitoring the players in question since the UAE’s tour of Zimbabwe in April this year. Among others being monitored was Mehardeep Chhayakar, an alleged corruptor, originally from India, who has been involved with cricket in Ajman and is apparently known in gambling circles as “Gary”.

Betting in Associate and T20 leagues: Under the radar, over the top

Aside from his strange ball-by-ball commentary, the man wore jeans and sunglasses, and had a hoodie pulled up over his head combined with a sport coat to conceal a mobile phone he was shouting into – possibly to bettors half a world away – on a hot summer day when everyone else was in shorts […]

Three Hong Kong players charged for fixing and corruption

All three players were charged for matches at the 2015 World Cup Qualifiers played in January 2014, with brothers Irfan and Nadeem also charged for one or more matches at the 2016 World T20. Irfan faces additional charges for a 2014 World T20 warm-up match, against Zimbabwe in Chittagong, and for one or more matches […]